Back after a sabbatical! Will I get my lost place back?

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    essenczposted 3 years ago

    Hi everybody,

    Its been almost a year... Still I remember the days I used to be online, twice, here, at hubpages, for each day of the month. It was during my college days and the little pocket money was a thrill. The forum was more a fun place to be..

    I partially remember those names (I might screw the spellings a big time) ryankett, wilderness, marisa wright, paradigmshift, sunforged, kimberly+ ( + means something in addition) and trust me there were lot of others..

    I love hubpages,

    It was not for money, instead it was for being a part of the family, the fun and the love..

    But, as search algorithms changed.. lot of things changed...

    We were going through a hard time, a lot of writers simply left, were asked to leave ( #poorEnglish, #substandardwritings etc) We became serious,, #pageviews #seo #tweaking #updates etc... I was having two accounts of which I deleted one (the main account)

    Then came the subdomains.. Thinks started off but it was not really great..

    Featured hub followed.. A lot of efforts went in vain (lots of unpublished hubs), again writers left.. And thus continued the journey..

    Yes, I must say I learnt a lot from the hubpages community, it was a second home! Paul did some great job in optimizing the ad algorithms through yieldbuild, and took the bold decision of making hubpages a single column site instead of two (much appreciated) and also the million changes to keep Hubpages and its spirit alive (The apprentice program)

    On my part...Hubpages did help me explore the joy of writing online.... All this while I was away from hubpages, but I managed to run a blog, learned the bits and pieces of hosting, blogging, seo and web analytics.. Now, that blog generates 5000 page views a day though could invest very little time because of work pressure.. #thankshubpages

    I may not know you, but would like to know how you're doing.. #speakyourmind

    Waiting to hear you say...


    1. Dave_A profile image72
      Dave_Aposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Great story. Looking forward to hearing more!

  2. Suzanne Day profile image97
    Suzanne Dayposted 3 years ago

    Hi Abishek, I had a sabbatical too and have been back for 6 months and enjoying myself immensely. Pay is harder to get than before (remember when you could write 400 words about facewashers and it would earn money?) but there is lots of potential with social media and just plain old having fun interacting with other writers. Nice to meet you!