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  1. csmiravite-blogs profile image56
    csmiravite-blogsposted 4 years ago

    I am doing another hub and was accessing my blogger account and this link showed up.

    국성철거전문업체 - Csmiravite-Weblogs On Hubpages

    This person is trying to imply that I wrote the article, when I didn't.

    I don't know what to do with this. But this is not me and this didn't came from HubPages either. I would appreciate comments from the group. Help please.

    Thanks much!


    1. Glenn Stok profile image96
      Glenn Stokposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      That article looks like it was spun from another. Are you sure it wasn't copied from one of yours? If you consider that the words are all replaced with synonyms, see if it comes close to one of your articles. One time I found a copy of one of my articles, but with many words changed around, making it almost incoherent.

      If you find it is indeed taken from one of your hubs, you can file a DMCA Plagiarism Report with the host. But you might not get very far in this case. The other hand, I wouldn't worry too much about it since it probably would not be ranking well anyway.

      One more thing, where did you find that link? Is it in the comments? If so, can you delete it? That would be the best thing to do.

      1. csmiravite-blogs profile image56
        csmiravite-blogsposted 4 years agoin reply to this

        Nope. This is the 2nd time that I saw such kind of article with my name on it and the HubPages trademark. I didn't write it and I am not one of those high-flyers where my name ranks high in Alexa. I am far from it  ---- very far. The other one was written by somebody who is a better writer than me. He talked about Asian governments  --- topics which I don't touch. I only talk about the Philippine government, and sometimes poke on the U.S. (on stock trading). I better file a DMCA since I am not that person. This scares me. sad

        P.S. One thing that I noticed is that, he wrote my name differently. The C is in capital letter (mine is all small letters), and what was written there is Weblogs. Mine is just blogs. I don't know why this thing is being done. sad

        1. Glenn Stok profile image96
          Glenn Stokposted 4 years agoin reply to this

          That's why I think it was spun. The software thieves use to spin from existing articles change words (such as blogs to weblogs) and also can change lower case to upper case. If you do decide to send a DMCA Infringement Report, I looked up the host. It's Korea Telecom. It seems they don't have a copyright agent. They probably don't follow the same copyright laws as per DMCA. You might just want to file  a complaint with Google about the unauthorized use of your name.

          1. csmiravite-blogs profile image56
            csmiravite-blogsposted 4 years agoin reply to this

            yep thanks. will do that.

    2. Cardisa profile image91
      Cardisaposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      This happened to a few hubbers a few months ago. The most we could figure is that the culprit is using our profiles to gain traffic. If they feel that the hubber has high traffic or is popular. There was another thread about the same thing a couple of months ago.

      1. csmiravite-blogs profile image56
        csmiravite-blogsposted 4 years agoin reply to this

        Yep, I knew that this is not an isolated case. If the "little ol' me" was hit, I guessed that some of the high flyers must have been hit first. Well, he was wrong there. I am no high flyer. Heheh!


  2. The Examiner-1 profile image71
    The Examiner-1posted 4 years ago

    What did you write about? This led to some website/blog in the Orient somewhere. It seems to talk about random stuff, since only some was in English I was unable to follow it all. However, I did see a story titled "Csmiravite-blogs On HubPages     my website     2013-12-07     34"

    1. csmiravite-blogs profile image56
      csmiravite-blogsposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      I was not active in Hubpages before( and even now) and didn't write anything on December 7, 2013. I only have 10 articles a few months back, and 5 of them were unfeatured. I tweaked all of them the last 2 mos and they are now all featured.

      I don't know the purpose of that post. I don't write anything extra-ordinary since it is only  Accountancy and Finance that interests me, most times. If this is happening to me, I think the more aggressive hubbers would have experienced this too.

      I am a staid writer, and only writes about staid topics that few people would be interested in. I don't get that much traffic and I am not an A+ writer either. So this is something that baffles me. The question is, why me?


  3. The Examiner-1 profile image71
    The Examiner-1posted 4 years ago

    That is a question everyone who is copied wants to know. He/she said something about headaches from reading the blog, etc. It did not sound like anything you would write. If you did not write anything back then, then just ignore and erase the link.

    1. csmiravite-blogs profile image56
      csmiravite-blogsposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      I guess talking to somebody alleviates the fear. I get troubled by such things since I am just an old woman who talks about the most mundane things ---- and suddenly, here comes somebody pretending to be me! Who wants to be me? I wouldn't even want to be me!  Lol!

      Thanks for the comments! Have a good day!


      1. The Examiner-1 profile image71
        The Examiner-1posted 4 years agoin reply to this

        You are welcome - you have a good one too! :-)


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