Making a video for a hub - Ugh!

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  1. ChristinS profile image50
    ChristinSposted 4 years ago

    Ok, so I thought it would be fun to challenge myself and make a video hub.  I filmed a nice tutorial on my camera, set up my little tripod and filmed away.  The raw videos are fine, so I figure plopping them into movie maker to create a basic tut should not be a problem.  Boy, was I wrong! 

    Apparently MM doesn't like the way my camera records sound, so after spending hours and hours finding right codec update or whatever the heck it was they had me doing, I can hear the clips as I'm compiling - yay me! I think, but  then after I get it most of the way finished I start to hear "chops" in some of the audio towards the end.   I'm tired.

    If I hadn't already set up the hub as a "video hub" I'd scrap it go to photographs and do a standard hub, but now this is a personal challenge.

    Is there a good freeware software out there NOT made by Microsoft? All I want to do is put my camera video in and splice it in places to shorten the duration and blend in a few slides I made.  This should NOT be this difficult lol.  I've compiled a lot of photograph slideshows with music, transitions etc and never had an issue. 

    What I thought would be a fun experiment is turning into a hair pulling, hours of my life experience that I am not likely to repeat in the future lol.

  2. relache profile image84
    relacheposted 4 years ago

    I found using HubPages video hubs option to be one of the worst performers I've ever seen.  I'm ditching all but one which somebody gave an Editor's Choice, and rebuilding them as regular Hubs, which perform much better.

  3. ChristinS profile image50
    ChristinSposted 4 years ago

    Thanks relache, I am thinking this might be the only video hub for me also.  I had to do some serious cutting due to the audio issues, but I think it's still coherent enough I'm going to go ahead and load it as the rest of the hub is done except for loading the video. 

    Definitely, if they don't perform well I'll stick to standard hubs.  I just wanted to try it out once, but what a headache with only the movie maker software - it's so buggy.

  4. Pamela Bush profile image87
    Pamela Bushposted 4 years ago

    Hi ChristinS;

    One thing you might want to try is convert your video into another format with this free application "any video converter." It is available through a Google search. Changing the video file format may allow Movie Maker to read it properly and then you can do you editing.

    Hope this helps.
    Best of luck.


  5. word55 profile image66
    word55posted 4 years ago

    When I make videos I don't use the hub pages video selection at first. I first make the video in Microsoft's Movie Maker (MM) Software. I make the music or audio and video (photography) separately and then sync them in MM, send them to u-tube and then put them in the hub pages video link. Note: Sometimes you have to sync in MM more than once because like you said the syncing may get of track. Got to have patience in this kind of business :-). Got to have a google email account to make it work this way too.

  6. ChristinS profile image50
    ChristinSposted 4 years ago

    Thanks everyone smile
    I think I have it to "good enough" stage lol and that's gonna be that.  I went ahead and published it despite not liking it very much, but we'll see. 

    I've done youtube videos before and used just images, text and music - not video from my camera and that worked well.  If I decide to venture into this again (not likely lol) I am going to search out a different software besides Movie Maker because it's buggy on Windows 8

  7. Marie Flint profile image86
    Marie Flintposted 4 years ago

    Thank you, Christin, for posting this because I had thought about doing a video hub myself. I have audio issues with Cyberlink YouCam on my laptop, though. Lately, I haven't felt very motivated to follow through with the idea, and, from what I read here, I'm apparently not missing much. Best wishes!


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