Supporting Fellow Hubbers

  1. NiaG profile image88
    NiaGposted 3 years ago

    Just a reminder that before you "Google it", seek the info you are interested in from your fellow hubbers. I try to always start out here first before I try researching elsewhere. Do you try to do the same?

  2. JoanneMarieILao profile image59
    JoanneMarieILaoposted 3 years ago

    Hi, I'm new here, I haven't even started on making a hub, but I've listed a few topics of my own, and this tip you just wrote is very helpful, cause reading others' work sure helps  a lot and can give us a few more ideas too;). Thanks.

  3. robertzimmerman2 profile image84
    robertzimmerman2posted 3 years ago

    Just a comment on how true this is.

    I joined HP over a year ago I built content on Squidoo. For some reason the article builder was easier for me over there. So, now I am back and I need to join the HP Team. Here is how I do it (for any forum I join).

    I first investigate and READ READ READ not only to get the "vibe" of the place but to see what issues are currently on the front burner. Then I try the search function and look for topics/issues of interest to me.

    After that I introduce myself around on the forum and start interacting. It's been a good plan since 1980.

    And BTW, thank you for having such a welcoming "vibe" for the X-Squids! We do appreciate it.