1. James M Becher profile image34
    James M Becherposted 3 years ago

    I just joined and had my lenses transferred over from Squidoo.  After the transfer, I applied to Adsense for an account.  They declined to accept me siting as the reason "Insufficient content."  and at the end of the email it said: "As soon as you’ve made the necessary changes, we’ll be happy to take another look at your application."   I wonder what the next step is.  I have been improving my hubs, but I have 72 and it will take some time.  Should I wait till I get them improved to request reconsideration?  What should my average score be?  Now it is 74.   Some hubs are at 89, while others as low as 38, some at 50, etc.  Is there an average I should strive for before requesting reconsideration from Adsense?   Could someone with experiance in this answer.  Thanks

  2. religions7 profile image57
    religions7posted 3 years ago

    72 hubs really ought to be enough. However, I hear that what adsense really wants is for people to apply after a month instead of right away.

  3. Aquamarine18 profile image82
    Aquamarine18posted 3 years ago

    Hello and welcome. This is a problem all ex-squids, now hubbers are experiencing, at least all those who didn't already have an AdSense account before moving to HP. Apparently, Google will not even consider an application before you have been here at least a month. All of us have been rejected, no matter how many hubs we have. Just wait, improve your hubs and apply again in a month or so.