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  • Fear and how to conquer it

    Fear and how to conquer it

    3 years ago

    Fear can be a debilitating factor, holding you back from success. But as FDR once said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself."

  • The Persecuted Church

    The Persecuted Church

    5 years ago

    Since we have it so easy here in this great country of America, it is easy to forget that our fellow Christians around the world--are suffering for their faith.

  • 1

    Unique Historical Novel: "The Christmas Victory"

    4 weeks ago

    My 4th published book is a unique historical novel, called "THE CHRISTMAS VICTORY, A Gem of a Sermon All Wrapped Up in A Historicak Novel." It's about H.W. Longfellow, his son and and Mark Twain.

  • Top 7 Best Biblical Novels

    Top 7 Best Biblical Novels

    8 months ago

    I have been an avid reader of Biblical novels in my youth, and I am the author of a Biblical novel, and as such I feel I am the best judge of what is good in a Biblical novel.

  • Johnny Cash Unique Country Star

    Johnny Cash Unique Country Star

    5 years ago

    Johnny Cash stands out head and shoulders above the rest as a unique country music singer, for several reasons.

  • Peter Paul & Mary IN THE WIND

    Peter Paul & Mary IN THE WIND

    3 years ago

    This great folk trio's third album is a wonderful mix of slower and more upbeat folk songs. It has something for everyone, including children's songs, and songs of both religious and social import.

  • Recipe for Succulent Turkey

    Recipe for Succulent Turkey

    5 years ago

    I got this recipe for succulent turkey from one of my instructors at the gym. As she says, you don't taste the ingredients, but you sure taste the results.

  • 3

    Give This Book This Season:

    11 days ago

    See why the Biblical Novel, "Of Such Is The Kingdom" would be the very best Christmas gift you could possibly give to those readers or even potential readers on your list.

  • January 6th is 3 Kings Day

    January 6th is 3 Kings Day

    2 years ago

    Christmas is not over! The feast of Epiphany marks the 12th and last day of Christmas. It celebrates the manifestation of Christ to the gentiles by the coming of the Magi to see the Christ child.

  • Thanksgiving Day, A Necessary Reminder

    Thanksgiving Day, A Necessary Reminder

    3 days ago

    We need to remember the history and original purpose of Thanksgiving Day-- a time for giving of thanks.

  • The Almanac Singers: original protest singers

    The Almanac Singers: original protest singers

    3 years ago

    The Almanac Singers are one of the most overlooked groups in music history. They concentrated on songs of protest, particularly for the labor movement which had started in the 1900's.

  • 0

    Unique 3-Part Biblical Novel

    11 days ago

    Although many Biblical novels have been written, I feel that mine is unique for several reasons.

  • Faith For Dying

    Faith For Dying

    3 years ago

    Death is an unpleasant subject for many and one which many people like to try and avoid. Yet, death need not be feared at all, and can even be something to look forward to, I hope to show why here.

  • Give the Gift of Reading This Easter

    Give the Gift of Reading This Easter

    8 months ago

    Everyone likes to read, so, instead of bunnies, eggs and candy, why not give books this Easter?

  • The Problem Of Suffering

    The Problem Of Suffering

    3 years ago

    The problem of suffering is one area of Christian apologetics. It addresses the age old question of "Why do the righteous suffer?" Or "If there is a God and He is good, why does he allow suffering?"

  • Why I like the Banjo

    Why I like the Banjo

    5 years ago

    I simply want to explain why I like to listen to the banjo, and to explore the several different types of music for which the banjo is known.

  • My favorite lesser-known actor

    My favorite lesser-known actor

    5 years ago

    I'm making this page about John Dehner because he is my favorite lesser-known actors. I think he is just as good an actor as any of the more well know actors,. Yet, he never got top billing.

  • Defense Of Marriage Act

    Defense Of Marriage Act

    4 years ago

    What about DOMA? After some brief background on the defense of marriage act, I will present my own viewpoint (which I refer to as the Biblical viewpoint) but then give you a chance to present yours.

  • August 27th was Global Forgiveness Day

    August 27th was Global Forgiveness Day

    4 years ago

    The meaning of Global Forgiveness Day is to find forgiveness for yourself and to forgive others who have done wrong to you.

  • August 9th Was Book Lovers Day

    August 9th Was Book Lovers Day

    15 months ago

    August 9th is Book Lovers Day and people need to be more aware of books in all their forms. Through reading we can experience relaxation, excitement or information.

  • Chad Mitchell Trio: Unique Folk Group

    Chad Mitchell Trio: Unique Folk Group

    3 years ago

    The Chad Mitchell Trio was a great folk group of the 60s folk revival. They sang both traditional folk songs and protest songs. They were known for their satirical songs about current events.

  • July 13th is Barbershop Music Appreciation Day

    July 13th is Barbershop Music Appreciation Day

    3 years ago

    Although "Barbershop Appreciation Day" may seem like a silly holiday, why shouldn't we appreciate Barbershop music? It has the best harmony around.

  • Top 12 Best Christian Novels

    Top 12 Best Christian Novels

    8 months ago

    I will list here my own favorite Christian novels, including the three I wrote. I list them here according to sub-genre, as there are several genres of Christian fiction.

  • Noel Paul Stookey: God's Troubadour

    Noel Paul Stookey: God's Troubadour

    4 years ago

    I'm making this page about Noel Paul Stookey to raise awareness of his conversion to Christ in 1968 (two years before leaving Peter Paul and Mary) and his subsequent Christian works.

  • God's Righteousness

    God's Righteousness

    5 years ago

    A knowledge of God's righteousness is both somewhat needful in obtaining our eternal salvation and also a comfort in our trials and testings and every day living.

  • 3

    God's Mercy and Grace

    3 years ago

    Although similar, God's mercy and grace are quite different. We need to know the difference between the two and also appreciate and what each one means to us both for salvation and for daily living.

  • The Highwaymen :Unique Folk Group

    The Highwaymen :Unique Folk Group

    3 years ago

    The Highwaymen were another original great sounding folk group from the 60s folk revival. They were one of the few folk quintets (groups of 5).

  • What will the Rapture be like?

    What will the Rapture be like?

    3 years ago

    The Bible plainly teaches that there will be a rapture of all those who have placed their trust in Jesus Christ, but, have you ever wondered what the rapture will actually be like?

  • Hubography of My Faith Based Hubs: A Faith Walk

    Hubography of My Faith Based Hubs: A Faith Walk

    21 months ago

    I believe that faith should play a predominant part in all of our lives, first for salvation and second for our daily living.

  • Hubography of My Folk Music hubs

    Hubography of My Folk Music hubs

    3 years ago

    Here is a concise listing of all my folk music hubs together in one place with one Amazon product for each.

  • 4

    "What Dreams May Come" Errors

    3 years ago

    The lavishly done movie, "What Dreams May Come" is full of theological errors.

  • The Tabernacle and Typology

    The Tabernacle and Typology

    4 years ago

    The tabernacle is God's great object lesson, with multiple types both of Christ and of the Church. It's a rich, meaningful and practical area of Bible study, which is neglected by many churches.

  • The unique

    The unique "New Christy Minstrels"

    4 years ago

    In the midst of the folk revival, Randy Sparks came up with a really unique concept a group that combined the folk sound with the choral sound, The result was The New Christy Minstrels.

  • John Michael Talbot, God's Troubador

    John Michael Talbot, God's Troubador

    4 years ago

    John Michael Talbot is an awesome Christian singer/songwriter who uses his talents for God, yet sounds like a folksinger.

  • The Limeliters

    The Limeliters

    4 years ago

    The Limeliters are another of the now little-know but then great folk groups of the 60's folk revival. They featured the golden voiced Glen Yarborough as their lead singer.

  • The

    The "The Shack" controversy

    3 years ago

    Some people say "The Shack" has hidden heresies--that it presents a wrong or distorted view of God and some theological issues.

  • What are your priorities?

    What are your priorities?

    6 years ago

    What are your priorities? Goals can be based on priorities but not vice-versa and priorities should always trump goals. Priorities should be listed in order of importance.

  • What's your purpose?

    What's your purpose?

    3 years ago

    Many people don't realize their purpose or even the importance of the subject of purpose. As Rick Warren says, "the purpose of your life fits into a much larger cosmic purpose that God has designed...

  • Christian Growth2: Meditation

    Christian Growth2: Meditation

    5 years ago

    After the basics, a further step in Christian growth is meditation. Christian meditation concentrates on the Bible, the Word of God. Memorize it, think on it and pray it back to God.

  • Basics of Christian Growth

    Basics of Christian Growth

    5 years ago

    Just as a newborn baby needs to grow, so a new Christian needs to grow spiritually. He needs the food of God's word, the air of prayer, relarionships od fellowship and the exdcercise of witnessing.

  • Negro Spirituals: Earliest American Folk Songs

    Negro Spirituals: Earliest American Folk Songs

    3 years ago

    Negro Spirituals are both beautiful and meaningful and, as our earliest folk songs, they form an important part of our musical and religious heritage. And some say they contained coded messages.

  • The Weavers: Influencial Folk Group

    The Weavers: Influencial Folk Group

    3 years ago

    The Weavers were a great, influential and beautiful folk group in the 50's and, as such were the fore-runners of the folk revival of the 60's.

  • Great Hymns of the Faith

    Great Hymns of the Faith

    4 years ago

    Hymns can be a source of comfort and consolation as no other music can.I list here 6 of my favorites, with words and history, and I put several versions of each.

  • Burl Ives, America's Balladeer

    Burl Ives, America's Balladeer

    4 years ago

    I think Burl Ives is one of the most overlooked artists in music history. Burl Ives' voice is perfect for the folk ballads which he loved to sing

  • 6

    Give the Gift of Reading This Christmas (Gift Guide)

    8 days ago

    Yes, why not give the gift of reading? Yes, give them a good book to read. They may not get as excited about it at first, but they'll thank you in the future.

  • Inspiring Life Poems

    Inspiring Life Poems

    4 years ago

    Poetry is an art form that touches us uniquely. .Aside from it's sheer beauty inspirational poetry can inspire and motivate us to greater faith and achievement, producing a better quality of life.

  • 37

    Mother's Day Poems for Mom

    8 months ago

    Many poems have been written about Mom and for Mother's day, and one way of remembering Mom is through poetry.

  • The Power of the Resurrection

    The Power of the Resurrection

    3 years ago

    The resurrection of Jesus finished the job which the cross started. I intend to show here the importance of Jesus' resurrection and what it can mean in our lives.

  • Inspiring Motivational Life Quotes

    Inspiring Motivational Life Quotes

    5 years ago

    You'll find links to my blogs on Inspiring motivational quotes, inspiring Scripture quotes, inspiring Biblical proverbs and thoughtful humor, with suggested resources for each.

  • 7

    "Bible Firsts" Quiz

    6 years ago

    You can test your Bible knowledge, your scripture mettle, your Bible trivia (not trivial) pursuit, your knowledge of first things and your multiple choice skills.

  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!

    11 months ago

    I hope we can forget the bad and remember the good, as we look forward to this next year. Thus, I include here an article & some poems on forgetting what's behind and looking forward to what's ahead.

  • Unique Christmas Music

    Unique Christmas Music

    11 months ago

    There are many Christmas songs of which most people are sadly unaware. I have included here uniquely beautiful Christmas folk songs and uniquely funny Christmas comedy songs.

  • Quiz: Christmas symbols and significance

    Quiz: Christmas symbols and significance

    4 years ago

    The Christmas traditions we often take for granted have a meaning and a purpose. Test your Christmas knowledge, your yuletide mettle, your holiday trivia pursuit by taking my Christmas quiz.

  • Going To Heaven?

    Going To Heaven?

    4 years ago

    Since life is uncertain, it pays to know where you are going after you die. According to God's word, the Bible, we can know for certain.

  • What is The Baptism with the Holy Spirit?

    What is The Baptism with the Holy Spirit?

    4 years ago

    There is a lot of confusion on the subject of the Holy Spirit in general and the Baptism with the Holy Spirit in particular in Christendom today. But Chuck Smith clears it up in his book.

  • Should We Celebrate Halloween?

    Should We Celebrate Halloween?

    3 years ago

    After a brief look at the origin and history of Halloween, I present several views on whether or not we should celebrate it, and then give you a chance to present yours.

  • Apologetics (defending the Faith)

    Apologetics (defending the Faith)

    3 years ago

    Peter tells us in I Peter 3:15 to "be ready to give an answer to everyone who asks concerning the hope which you have." Yet, many of us, myself included, often feel inadequate to do this. Thus, the need for Apologetics.

  • Hermeneutics (How to interpret the Bible)

    Hermeneutics (How to interpret the Bible)

    4 years ago

    In order to rightly understand and interpret a particular verse or passage of the Bible, one needs to apply certain principles of interpretation or as they are known technically, "Hermeneutics."

  • 42

    7 Last Words of Jesus from the Cross

    7 months ago

    The 7 last words of Jesus on the cross reveal much about His person and character, but more importantly about the meaning and purpose of His crucifixion and death which we celebrate on Good Friday.

  • 8

    The Trial of your Faith

    5 years ago

    The faith that we have is often put to the test either by Satan, or by our circumstances, both of which are allowed by God, or sometimes directly by God Himself as in the case of Abraham.

  • Les Miserables the Musical

    Les Miserables the Musical

    4 years ago

    Les Miserables is a great and beautiful musical which has deep Spiritual meaning and significance.

  • Broadway Musicals Stage to Screen

    Broadway Musicals Stage to Screen

    3 years ago

    I'm glad they made Broadway musicals into films, but at times film makers have gone too far in making changes from the original musicals, leaving out songs, adding new songs, and drawing out action.

  • What about Enthusiasm?

    What about Enthusiasm?

    6 years ago

    Enthusiasm is an important element in keeping out attitude on track. I'll trace the meaning of the word "enthusiasm," it's history some of it's usages and then make my own Spiritual application.

  • The Greatest Love

    The Greatest Love

    3 years ago

    Valentine's Day is just around the corner and people will be thinking about love, But will they realize what is the greatest love?

  • 11

    The Kingston Trio, Unique and Influential Folk Group

    3 years ago

    The Kingston Trio is without a doubt one of the best folk music groups ever, with a unique and wonderful great folk music sound.

  • 13

    Peter Paul & Mary

    3 years ago

    It was not without reason that Peter Paul and Mary are known as the most popular folk group of the 60's and one of the most durable music acts in history.

  • 28

    The Meaning of Christmas--Its Traditions and Spirituality

    28 hours ago

    Do you know the real true meaning of Christmas? Are you sure? Do you know the spiritual meanings behind the Christmas traditions? And what about the real true Spirituality of Christmas itself?

  • Unique Purposeful Time Travel Novel

    Unique Purposeful Time Travel Novel

    2 years ago

    With all of the many Sci-fi novels which have been published and even all of the time travel novels, I still feel that mine is truly unique for several reasons.

  • God's Success Principles

    God's Success Principles

    5 years ago

    many people don't realize that God has success principles, or that many of the success principles given by motivational speakers derive directly or indirectly from the Bible.

  • Bob Dylan, God's Poet

    Bob Dylan, God's Poet

    4 years ago

    Bob Dylan was the most prolific singer/songwriter of the folk era. I'm making this page primarily to show that he was both a knowing and an unknowing instrument of God.

  • American Folk Music, Past, Present & Future

    American Folk Music, Past, Present & Future

    3 years ago

    Folk is probably the most overlooked music genre in America today. It is my favorite music genre and one that has become progressively less known since it's big boost in the 60's.

  • Faith for Daily Living

    Faith for Daily Living

    5 years ago

    The same faith which assures our eternal destiny should characterize the life of every believer--that just as we have trusted Him for salvation, we should trust Him for every area of out lives.

  • Evangelistic Fiction as Seed

    Evangelistic Fiction as Seed

    8 months ago

    Christians, have you ever wished for a great way to interest your non-Christian friends in the gospel? Fiction can serve as a great ice breaker and open the door to further Christian witness.


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