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Question about getting images for a movie review hub?

  1. Cardia profile image90
    Cardiaposted 2 years ago

    I'm currently working on a hub that is a review of a film from the 1960s. The written part is practically finished, but I'm using one of the Template hub settings to organize it. I want to add in some more photos, however I can't find many on Flickr or WikiMedia Commons. I also want to add in an image of the movie poster that was used.
    How can I do this without causing any copyright infringement? Google searches bring up tons of images, but I don't want to use any without knowing the licensing for sure.


  2. Marisa Wright profile image93
    Marisa Wrightposted 2 years ago

    This is a really difficult dilemma. 

    The rule with photo copyright is easy - if there is no licence stated on or near the photo, it's not legal to use because you can't accredit correctly.  The only way you can possibly use it is to write to the website or photographer and ask for their permission.

    On the other hand, with movies and film stars, those rules have been abused to such an extent that "doing the right thing" is beginning to seem like a futile gesture.  What's the point of respecting the photographer's copyright when it's already been flouted thousands, if not millions, of times already?

    I still stick to the rules because it makes me feel better, and there is always an outside chance (with recent movies) that the studio will sue you.  However for an old movie like that, you'd probably be safe to use an image of the poster if you feel OK with it - so it all depends on how your conscience feels about it!

    Have you looked to see if a site like AllPosters has it for sale?  You could join up and use their affiliate link and that would make it legal to use.

  3. Cardia profile image90
    Cardiaposted 2 years ago

    That's the same thing I'm thinking!
    I normally really try my best to use photos that have clear copyright rules. However I think I should be able to use the poster without too much backlash.
    Thanks so much! smile and I'll definitely check out the AllPosters site!

  4. LindaSmith1 profile image61
    LindaSmith1posted 2 years ago

    Allposters jumped on the bandwagon with banning certain states, including the one I live in.  I found that Amazon and Ebay are good sources for old posters, photos etc.

    1. Cardia profile image90
      Cardiaposted 2 years ago in reply to this

      Didn't think of those two sites! I found a great one of the movie that I reviewed. Thanks so much smile