Confused to Configure Adsense Account

  1. mjkamrul profile image46
    mjkamrulposted 3 years ago

    Hi Dear and Expert Hubbers,

    I signed up for adsense via HP some days ago but it was not approved and said "Association Disabled by You or by Google for TOS Violation" but in the meantime I signed up via my another blog site and got approved. Hence problem is --

    when I try to configure adsense account, it warns me like " It appears that your Google AdSense Account, with the publisher id ca-pub- ************** is no longer associated with HubPages. Your application may have been rejected by Google, you may have refused the association with through the AdSense Third Party Access Page, or your previosuly approved account may have been disabled due to violations of the Google AdSense Terms and Conditions. You should not apply again with a different Google Account, as each person is only allowed to have a single Google AdSense Account. Please review Google's Disabled Account FAQ for further steps that you might take. If you have simply refused the association, you may be able to change that on the Google AdSense - Thirdy Party Access page or by clicking "Next" below."

    But I don't even want two adsense account and just want to integrate my approved account ( got from blog site) here. Could you please clarify me what they want to say by those lines? Thank you all.

  2. LindaSmith1 profile image61
    LindaSmith1posted 3 years ago

    Guessing here:  You need same email address for Adsense as you use for sign in with Hub Pages.  Your pay pal does not have to be same email address.

  3. mjkamrul profile image46
    mjkamrulposted 3 years ago

    humm! it's good but what will be about publisher id showing in my account " ca-pub *******? May it affect my account or is there any option to disable it from my end? because when I previously applied for adsense via HP, it was active for 1 day and then again disapproved for insufficient content as their opinion and it's still showing when I click to configure then "do you have adsense account? then clicking on "yes" Warning ... hope I make you understand.