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I'd like feedback on a handful of my hubs...

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    delleaposted 3 years ago

    I didn't want to blow up the forum area so I decided to put them all in one post. That said... I put many hours into my hubs, even if they are short, especially when you include research time, fact-checking, writing, editing, rewriting, formatting, etc. I basically invest a fairly equal amount of work into each of my hubs, which is why I don't understand such a drastic difference in their individual performance and ratings in Hubpages...

    First example, these hubs have gotten very little traffic but they are topics that have shown up frequently in recent months in my online and offline discussions...

    What's happened to the American Dream?
    I remember the Sabbath
    Open your Windows 10 and look into the Microsoft Cloud

    Second example, these hubs have gotten more traffic on average than those previously noted, but their "Scores" are very low! They have dropped substantially to 58 when initially submitted they were over 70+ even 80 if I remember correctly? Is this the result of people doing thumbs down on my articles, and if so, where in the back end can I see how many thumbs up or down a hub gets?

    Thunderstorms can kill your computer!
    How to protect yourself against the CryptoLocker virus
    What is prayer in Christianity?

    Third example, if I have a series of articles on an ongoing topic, how should I try to connect them together? By title in the "front end" or by grouping in the "back end", etc? This series I plan on continuing this spring with #104 but I honestly don't know if it's stupid to do it that way. However, now that I've started the series and it's out there, not sure if I should change it...

    Gardening for Rural Geeks 101
    Gardening for Rural Geeks 102
    Gardening for Rural Geeks 103

    I "pre-thank" all of you for your thoughtful, supportive input, comments and criticisms!

    Last but not least... this is totally unrelated to all said above...

    I congratulate HubPages on the new changes and "upgrades" if you will on the Editor's Choice hubs! In my opinion the new system seems to make much more sense, and is also more fair to all of the people who work hard and earn the Editor's Choice stamp of approval! I have over 10 hubs marked Editor's Choice and it made me feel very appreciated for all of the effort I put into those hubs! I really didn't like the old system, which to me appeared to be a "buddy system" where only the most sociable and notable hubbers that knew each other seemed to be recognized in Rising Stars and Hubs Of The Week, etc. I'm somewhat of a "loner" on here and I have to work for a living (not as a writer unfortunately) so I've never been a big part of the whole social/buddy writer's scene here. All said, it makes so much more sense to focus on the Editor's Choice and to dump these alternate methods of recognition!

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      Millionaire Tipsposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      I took a look at your Thunderstorms Can Kill Your Computer! hub.  It looks like you write well and have good information.

      My advice to you is to choose titles that people will be searching for. How would people look for this hub?  Something like How to Protect Your Computer From Thunderstorms, or Best Way to Protect Your Computer from Electrical Surges would be more likely to be searched.  In that hub, you have two good Amazon capsules for surge suppressor and battery backup.  But the book on Computer Security for Dummies is not relevant. Also, if it was my hub, I would take out all the exclamation marks.

      Also back to talking about titles, your Rural Gardening is also not likely to be searched.  Instead of labeling them 101 102, etc., I would really be more specific. I didn't look at the hubs, so I don't know how you broke them out, but something like Preparing Soil, Planting Bean Sprouts, etc., would work better than 101, 102.

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        delleaposted 3 years agoin reply to this

        Thank you very much for your suggestions! I decided to revamp and/or delete a few of the hubs that I mentioned, much appreciated!

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    calculus-geometryposted 3 years ago

    Your hub on Microsoft Cloud storage is very good and in-depth, but sadly you are vastly outranked in the search engines by more established computing websites, most notably the website of Microsoft itself. 

    You could refocus it on a more specific problem-solution that people search for. Or break it up into several hubs going into more depth in each of the aspects you talk about, and then link them together.   Look at the competition for the keyword phrases you are trying to rank for.  It's very hard to get traffic if you chase subjects that are popular because everyone else is doing the same thing.  That's why more experienced people pick topics that are highly specific and not so commonly searched for, but have very low competition. Is there some sub-area you could focus on?

    Also, your products are tangentially related to the hub but not directly related to the subject of your hub which is Microsoft cloud.  If they've never made a sale you should delete them, or replace them with products that relate to Microsoft 10 and the cloud.  Good luck!

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      delleaposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you for your insights and comments!