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Question: Using an image that has been used by other websites

  1. Deelan MJ profile image79
    Deelan MJposted 2 years ago

    Hello everyone, HP newbie here with a question about using images in hubs. I've already read HP's guidelines about proper usage and browsed some of the similar topics in the forums, but I can't find that one answer I'm looking for. So I'm throwing this here, and I hope you guys don't mind answering another one.

    I'm currently in the middle of writing my very first hub, and was searching for photos to use. I found the perfect one from Google images, but didn't want to get in trouble for using someone else's shot without permission. So I did an image search and found that it was already used by various sites (including eBay). Finding the original source was next to impossible.

    1. Can I still use the image and put eBay as the source, even though it wasn't the original owner?
    2. Can I use #1 as a guideline in referencing images that have been used by multiple websites?

    Any insights and comments are most appreciated.

    Thank you. smile

  2. CuAllaidh profile image84
    CuAllaidhposted 2 years ago

    The short answer is no... the longer answer is no unless you can find out if the image is in the public domain (copyright free). Failure to find out if it is in the public domain or getting permission is a violation of copyright laws and a violation of the terms and conditions of hubpages. Ebay is a terrible source for images you have no idea of the original source. Websites like freeimages.com or wikicommons are good sources because you know they are either in the public domain or it is easy to get permission.

    1. Deelan MJ profile image79
      Deelan MJposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Hi CuAllaidh, thanks for replying. So I really have no choice but to search for a new (free) picture or take a photo instead. *sighs*

      Thanks again!

  3. mary615 profile image96
    mary615posted 2 years ago

    There are so many free sites to obtain great photos.  If you check tutorials on here for "photos", many Hubs have been written giving good sites to go to for photos.

  4. Phyllis Doyle profile image98
    Phyllis Doyleposted 2 years ago

    Try Wikipedia to see if the image is in Public Domain or Creative Commons. Just type in the subject of your hub in your search engine. Also  try Pixabay and Flickr.

    You need to attach attributions to all images in your hubs.

    1. Deelan MJ profile image79
      Deelan MJposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you for your suggestions Phyllis; indeed, Flickr has a lot of gorgeous photos. Here's to hoping I find another photo that's just as good as the one I originally wanted, or maybe even better.

      I've never heard about Pixabay before, so thank you too for bringing it up. Will definitely check it out also. smile

  5. MDavisatTIERS profile image86
    MDavisatTIERSposted 2 years ago

    Good evening, Deelan; while all of the answers are correct, I know that I've found exactly what I wanted on another site. My solution?  I wrote the writer of the blog, got additional information and then contacted the photographer.  That was a few years ago, but the photographer was so glad I reached out that we developed an excellent working relationship. I contact him with key points from my idea/article and invariably, he has what I want.  Again, giving his attribution is all it costs me.  Hope this helps.  ~Marilyn

    1. Deelan MJ profile image79
      Deelan MJposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Marilyn, that's a very awesome experience. Thank you for sharing it with us! Now I wish the picture I want's only posted in a blog too. sad Searching the image using TinEye gave me mostly websites selling dresses, with sources ranging from eBay to East Asian online boutiques.

      Nevertheless, I'll make a note of your suggestion; it's definitely a good option. Thank you!