Well I'll go to the top of our Stairs

  1. BG Guest profile image53
    BG Guestposted 8 years ago

    Well I'll go to the top of our stairs, was some thing my father would say when some thing wonderful had happened like winning a pound on the national lottery or Princess Danna getting married, and today I think I have said it for the first time myself out of being stunned,
    Sit comfortably and I'll begin, I registered my website and domain name at the beginning of Jan 2009 and over one month entered lots of related stuff about the village and its people but the main topic is for the guest house, then i began to create blogs via blogger x 3 and left nice comments about other peoples blogs including my url where appropriate, blog.co.uk and MSN spaces x 3 each leaving comments to other blogs and my url, created about 8 youtube videos, then I joined HP YAY!!!
    I did link the blogs to my website but not to each other I have to say, but they are all about my village and or my guest house,

    1, This morning I woke up to the sounds of a phone call my sister is very poorly I will say only this,

    2, The shop which I would love to run and rent for the last three years but no funds to rent or stock it, the old lady offered me to rent the shop and pay the rent back over the three coming summer season months and she woud stock the shop also to be paid back in the same period, and profits for me would come form out of the season,

    3, But the main reason for this thread I went on to my first ever, three month old website home page this morning and google as given me a PAGE RANKED 1/10 over night yet still 0/10 for the other four pages but YAY!!!
       Well I'll go to the top of our stairs,

    My Mother is a little supertitious and would say that things come in three's,
    or did I sell my soul to the Devil some where along the way? LOL

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    rmshdcposted 8 years ago

    ... and you will come down using the same stairs! lol