Hubpages can improve quality & keep new programs from loosing traction

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    Misfit Chickposted 2 years ago
    Apologies, this is going to sound like a rant because I’m already irritated with Hubpages about his issue, ha! The HotD, removing the Nomination Button for it – along with ceasing the ‘Rising Star’ program is what this discussion is about.

    On the January 28th Hubpages Blog, there was a big announcement about all the changes in the Editor’s Choice hubs. One good thing that came out of it was that the Hub of the Day was going to be chosen from that pool instead of however else they were being (sometimes badly) chosen.

    This wasn’t the first post I wrote or commented on about this, and I’m not the only one who was complaining about it: … -seriously

    Here’s where I talk about ‘my suggested solution’: Add ability for writers to receive writing feedback & suggestions

    And before I manage to almost start another riot like the last time, this post TRIED to go into more detail – I’m NOT just trying to be mean to Hubpages or anyone else. (Really, staff – please don’t delete this post again.) This was one post I wrote about this subject that DIDN’T get deleted – even though I BEGGED Hubpages staff to delete it because hubbers got so angry about the WRONG thing and ramped it up: Another Hub of the Day rant... but this time, I'll spell it out

    The two good things that didn’t come out of the Jan. 28 post were: 1) They removed the ‘Nomination Button’ for HotD (before this, actually – I was just starting to ‘want to use it’ since that is what I was told to do - see above); and 2) They stopped the ‘Rising Star’ program, which I felt was a really GOOD program on this site.

    And this isn’t the first time I’ve seen them cease a program or make a change because ‘it doesn’t get traction’.

    I made a comment on that Jan. 28 blog post about not being able to SEE new stuff as it comes out – as well as getting rid of the seemingly-silly ‘opt-in’ features they are so fond of using. I suggested getting a marketing person to help ‘make things more visible’ for users on the site instead of one little blurb in a blog post in the bottom right hand corner under everything else – which is where they usually ‘announce’ stuff.

    I ‘get’ not being able to change an entire website because it would cost too much (although there sure seems to be a lot of new editors – I would image you are paying them somehow, aren't you?); and not wanting to make it ‘too cluttered’ since it is supposed to be a writing site.

    But, look at the neat image I captured from Blogger this morning! It was a new announcement about a major change (that I don’t need to worry about, btw – ha!); and I couldn’t miss it.

    I realize that my ideal Hubpages dream of having these things available in the hub-hopping section of the site is too high of a dream to achieve, LoL. But, what do you think, hubbers? Would it help for you to have announcements in a more prominent place? Where do you think would be a good place? I like where Google put it – at the top of my main blogger account page that comes up immediately after I log in.