Ads appearing between photo and related text capsules in mobile view

  1. RonElFran profile image100
    RonElFranposted 2 years ago

    One of my hubs consists of a series of photos with a text capsule containing commentary on each photo just below it. I see that in mobile view ads are sometimes inserted between the photo capsule and its associated text capsule. Is there any way to prevent this?

    1. Matthew Meyer profile image77
      Matthew Meyerposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Ron.
      Ads can appear between capsules on mobile, but you can change the layout to get ad placement more to your liking.

      If you use the mobile preview (in a separate window or tab) and adjust capsules the way you want, you can refresh the mobile preview tab/window to see how ads will appear.
      It can take a bit of time, but should give you some control and idea how the ads are going to show.