I am confused, about the Hub of the Day

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  1. Shades-of-truth profile image88
    Shades-of-truthposted 3 years ago

    Granted, I am new here, as I was imported from Squidoo. I just saw the Hub of the Day, with the typo in the title. Did I not read that only Hubs that are "opted-in" to Hub Pro editing, can be eligible?

    I wrote a Hub on exactly the same subject, four years ago or so. It is now on Hub Pages. It apparently has no chance to [b]be[/] a Hub of the Day, since I prefer not to have anyone else edit my Hubs.

    Comparing the two Hubs is interesting. One would think that an incredible list would be an "incredible list". The list on that Hub is short. Mine, is long.

    Is that how quality of content is determined? I am very confused.

    1. Millionaire Tips profile image91
      Millionaire Tipsposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Hubs don't have to go through HubPro to be HOTD. They have to be Editor's Choice, and therefore on the main site Hubpages.com instead of the Hubber's subdomain.

    2. Writer Fox profile image48
      Writer Foxposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      You don't have to opt-in to the HubPro program for HOTD.  You have to opt-in to the Editor's Choice Program. http://hubpages.com/learningcenter/acco … d_22634413

      1. Shades-of-truth profile image88
        Shades-of-truthposted 3 years agoin reply to this

        Thanks, Writer Fox! I "knew" that, but was in between customers and not thinking properly. Thank you for the clarification!

    3. mary615 profile image92
      mary615posted 3 years agoin reply to this

      I noticed that typo in the title also!  I read a comment on the Hub informing the author, but it has not been corrected (as of this writing).   I'll never have another HOTD because I opted out of HubPro.

      1. sallybea profile image97
        sallybeaposted 3 years agoin reply to this

        What is even more weird is that an Editors Choice Hub can be taken away from an Author  if it does not meet the high standard being asked for by HubPages.  Perhaps a Pro Editor should be given the task of editing every selected HOTD before it it is published as one.  Just an idea.

        1. LongTimeMother profile image96
          LongTimeMotherposted 3 years agoin reply to this

          Any hub in need of editing by a Pro Editor should never have been nominated as HOTD in the first place, Sally.

          I understand if a potential HOTD requires a little attention to detail before receiving the accolade - but that should be achievable by drawing the problems to the attention of the author. If the problems are not promptly fixed, the hub should be taken from the HOTD list.

          Just my opinion, of course.

          1. Shades-of-truth profile image88
            Shades-of-truthposted 3 years agoin reply to this

            I agree, LTM. I wish that we were not required to be in the Editor's Choice program in order for one of our Hubs to be selected as Hub of the Day, too.

            Frankly, I have seen a lot of absolutely outstanding articles that have not been chosen. I suppose one reason for that might be that the author chose not to be in the Editor's Choice program.

            That does not seem just. After all, quality content is just that - "quality content". A Hub that meets those standards should not be open to editing by another individual, IMO.

    4. Nancy Hardin profile image60
      Nancy Hardinposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      In my opinion, HOTD has nothing to do with the excellence (or not) of the Hub. It's a popularity contest and depends on who is in the good graces of the PTB at the moment. I have never coveted receiving the dubious honor, since I was foisted onto HP from Squidoo. My question is, why does anyone care? It isn't going to make you a cent more in earnings. Recognition doesn't put food on the table.

      1. Christy Kirwan profile image98
        Christy Kirwanposted 3 years agoin reply to this

        As Millionaire Tips and Writer Fox have mentioned, Hubs must be Editor's Choice to be eligible to become Hubs of the Day, but they do not need to be HubPro Edited, and you may still have a Hub become a Hub of the Day if you are opted out of HubPro altogether.

        I chose today's Hub, and I certainly do make mistakes! I sometimes miss typos, despite reading a Hub carefully. Keep in mind that it's also surprisingly hard to find a Hub that includes zero typos, no matter how many times the author, or even a professional Editor has carefully looked it over, which is why even major publications like the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, and many others include typo corrections for previously published issues.

        I'd also like to mention that despite the (now corrected) typo, I think ESPeck1919's Hub is an excellent one worthy of the honor. Her subject is interesting and unique, and she covers the subject thoroughly and with passion, even including some personal anecdotes. It's well worth a read.

        1. janshares profile image97
          jansharesposted 3 years agoin reply to this

          If I could chime in, I appreciate that Christy, but we seem to revisit this issue a lot. LongTimeMother has posted a worthy forum addressing remedies.  It does make my head cock to the side and eyes squint sometimes when I see the HOTD. As Shades-of-truth said, I feel confused sometimes, too. I'm wondering if staff is rushed and overwhelmed by having to find a worthy HOTD every 24 hours. Maybe it would benefit everyone (HP staff, the chosen author, visitors, and hubbers) if the selection was changed to every 7 days, i.e., Hub of the Week (HOTW). Just a thought.

    5. paradigm search profile image60
      paradigm searchposted 3 years ago


      1. Shades-of-truth profile image88
        Shades-of-truthposted 3 years agoin reply to this

        Aw, paradigm search - I thought you had more Hubs! Oh, that's right, you do, under your other account.

        1. paradigm search profile image60
          paradigm searchposted 3 years agoin reply to this

          Yeah, too bad I had to essentially abandon that one for reasons that everybody already knows...

    6. profile image0
      calculus-geometryposted 3 years ago

      HP has half a dozen or so professional editors on staff.  HP occasionally posts hubs to the front page with typos in the titles.

      If you told these two facts to some average 8-year-olds, they'd suggest using the professional editors to give the HOTDs a little once-over before being posted to the front page.

      1. Shades-of-truth profile image88
        Shades-of-truthposted 3 years agoin reply to this

        True, calculus-geometry. I frequently go over my own hubs, section by section, to check for typos. Often, I help others who have typos, and I know many other people pitch in and help, too.

        If we can find the time to do that, one would think the professional editors on HP's staff could do it.

        P.S. I just saw that my OWN typo was not caught, by me. In my OP, I evidently did not hit the [/b] correctly. I typed it in a rush, between customers, and wasn't able to check it for a while. Apologies!

    7. paradigm search profile image60
      paradigm searchposted 3 years ago

      I've been known to paste my entire hub into free Google Drive. It catches all my typos every time, but don't tell anyone.

      1. Shades-of-truth profile image88
        Shades-of-truthposted 3 years agoin reply to this

        I shall tell the world!


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