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    Why I Stopped Using Renpure Cleansing Conditioners

    9 months ago

    I wanted to love Renpure's products. Really, I did. However, I have some solid reasons for not using them any longer. You might wish to find out why, before the same things happen to you!

  • The Magnificent Mustangs of Las Colinas

    The Magnificent Mustangs of Las Colinas

    8 years ago

    If you ever get the chance to travel to Las Colinas, Texas, please take time to see the full-size bronze Mustang sculptures. They were the dream of Ben H. Carpenter, and the creation of Robert Glen.

  • My Homemade Healthy Chia Desserts

    My Homemade Healthy Chia Desserts

    9 years ago

    We eat a lot of chia, a tiny gray or white wholegrain. This is how we make some homemade chia desserts. Most of them are gluten-free. Chia seeds are very filling, and bursting with nutrition, too!

  • 10

    Bill Peet The Man Who Started With Disney

    3 years ago

    Move over, Dr. Seuss, and make way for Bill Peet. If you love the books of Dr. Seuss, you will definitely enjoy all of Bill Peet's children's books. Children of all ages love them - and so do I!

  • Favorite Family Game for All Ages

    Favorite Family Game for All Ages

    9 years ago

    Our favorite family game - without exception, is "I Packed My Grandma's Suitcase". Whenever my family was on a road trip, or taking a ride anywhere that took some time, we played this game. Enjoy!

  • The Amazing Unforgettable Voice of Experience

    The Amazing Unforgettable Voice of Experience

    9 years ago

    Who had over 7 million radio listeners back in the 1920's and 1930's? It seems that everyone back then knew "The Voice of Experience". His radio program aired nationwide, and riveted his audiences.

  • Sir Toby Jingle's Beastly Journey

    Sir Toby Jingle's Beastly Journey

    9 years ago

    Our favorite childrens book of all time, is Sir Toby Jingle's Beastly Journey. It is the story of a knight who outsmarted quite a few beasts that were intent on his demise. All of my children loved it

  • English Words We Need

    English Words We Need

    9 years ago

    The English language is missing a lot of very important useful words. We suggest that these words be added to the English dictionary, to help us more precisely and forcibly, express ourselves.

  • Extraordinary Christian Fantasy

    Extraordinary Christian Fantasy

    9 years ago

    Charles Williams is one of my favorite authors. I found him by "accident" many years ago in my favorite bookstore in St. Petersburg, FL. His writing is like no other Christian literature I have read.

  • 6

    Exploring Bradenton, Florida

    20 months ago

    Bring your family to Bradenton, FL! I have lived here since 1992. It is rich in historical sites; one of the oldest settled areas in Florida, and the Pittsburgh Pirates come here for spring training.

  • 20

    The Wee Baby Orchids

    20 months ago

    At our home, we have thousands of orchids. Some are unbelievable large and some are so very tiny, they need to be viewed with a magnifying glass! Here are some wee Baby Orchids my husband grows...

  • 20

    Do You Eat the Chicken of the Woods Mushroom?

    9 years ago

    As mushrooms go, the Chicken of the Woods is in a class by itself. Who would think a mushroom would taste like cooked chicken? This one does! One of our family members has even seen it in the wild.

  • 24

    Stagecoaches of the Wild West

    20 months ago

    I love the stagecoaches of the Wild West, don't you? They were so beautifully made, and for a period of time, were the "way to go". Romantic to us, they were anything BUT that, to those who rode them.

  • 10

    The Most Helpful Websites Online

    20 months ago

    Over the years, I have accumulated several online references that have saved me a lot of time. Here are the most helpful websites I found, and I know there are many, many more.

  • 10

    Gems from the Childcraft Books for Children - Poems of Early Childhood

    9 years ago

    These are some of our favorite selections from the Childcraft books. I read them when I was a child, my children read them, and my grandchildren enjoy them, too.

  • 22

    The Wonderful World of Woodkins

    18 months ago

    Woodkins are wonderful wooden flexible figurines of vegetables, fruit, animals, and flowers that are simply irresistible! Take our tour into the Wonderful World of Woodkins...

  • 5

    Pipsissewa the Forgotten Herb

    9 years ago

    Pipsissewa is a valuable herb, but almost forgotten in modern times. The Native Americans used pipsissewa extensively, and it is reputed to help alleviate rheumatism and arthritis. Who knows?

  • 135

    50 Delightful Edible Flowers

    3 years ago

    Want to know about more than 50 flower blossoms you can eat? We thought you might, so take a look at our list and descriptions of more than fifty edible flowers, and ways to use them in your kitchen.

  • Antique Jewelry Treasures

    Antique Jewelry Treasures

    9 years ago

    Some of the most exquisite jewelry that we have ever seen, is brought by our customers, into our jewelry store. Over ninety percent of the most striking pieces, are antique jewelry treasures.

  • 42

    Weird Truth - Believe It, or Not!

    21 months ago

    The truth IS stranger than fiction, and it is weird, too. These are stories of bizarre, odd, eerie things that happened to my family, and one dear friend of mine. Believe it or not, all of it is true!

  • Maximize Your Time - Be A Clone!

    Maximize Your Time - Be A Clone!

    8 years ago

    I want to be a clone, don't you? Your special clones could do all of the things you have always wanted to. A clone for your family, a clone to travel, a clone for work. On second thought - bad idea!

  • Orchids Orchids Everywhere

    Orchids Orchids Everywhere

    9 years ago

    Everywhere I look in my home, inside and out, there are orchids! My husband has a VERY green thumb. I hope you enjoy the photos, and don't mind my rhyming below - I got stuck in a "groove"!

  • 27

    Alien Orchids

    3 years ago

    The Alien Orchids are nothing but trouble! They kidnapped me, took me to court, said all sorts of vicious things that weren't true, and tried to take over our home and community. Beware; they're here!

  • Orchids or Circus Clowns

    Orchids or Circus Clowns

    9 years ago

    Some of my husband's orchids look like Circus Clowns, or at least they do to ME! Take a look and see what YOU think. Don't they look like "Clown Orchids" to you?

  • 73

    The Angel Orchids

    20 months ago

    My husband grows lots and lots of orchids. Some of them look JUST like angels, to me. What do YOU think?

  • Weird Orchids or What?

    Weird Orchids or What?

    9 years ago

    Just a few of my husband's very, VERY weird orchids!

  • The Love of Orchids

    The Love of Orchids

    7 years ago

    My husband is the Wizard of Orchids. We have orchids everywhere. We love them! You cannot come and see them, I cannot steal one for you, and you cannot buy one. Enjoy them here, if you love orchids!

  • Grain of the Ancients - Teff

    Grain of the Ancients - Teff

    9 years ago

    Teff is a wonderful grain from Ethiopia. One thing I love about Teff, is that the tiny round grains seem to "burst" with flavor, when you eat it!

  • 68

    Archimedes our CRAZY Muscovy Duck

    7 years ago

    We owned a pet Muscovy Duck for several years. I named her Archimedes. She was the funniest, most talkative duck I ever saw! Her story is unforgettable, as she was. Muscovy Ducks make wonderful pets!

  • The Moringa Tree

    The Moringa Tree

    9 years ago

    This is my favorite tree. I have planted tens of thousands of Moringa seeds, and have more Moringa growing than I can handle. Moringa is has been dubbed one of the most nutritious plants on earth!

  • 10

    The Drumstick Tree - Moringa

    9 years ago

    Have you ever heard of "The Drumstick Tree"? I have been growing them for many years, eating what they produce, and writing about them so everyone learns about the valuable, nutritious Moringa tree.

  • Let There Be Orchids!

    Let There Be Orchids!

    20 months ago

    My husband grows orchids, and used to have about 3,000 of them. Hope you enjoy the "Spitting Orchid", the orchid that comes unhinged, our "Darth Vader" orchid, and what I call our "Flying Nun".

  • 16

    Why I Love Moringa

    20 months ago

    There are so many reasons that I love Moringa, that I can hardly list them all. I love the way it tastes, the way it benefits people who are ill, how it gives people energy and how easy it is to grow.

  • 26

    Moringa Stenopetala - the African Miracle Tree

    9 years ago

    Moringa Stenopetala is the "African Moringa" tree. It is also called "Mother's Helper", because it helps increase the milk supply for nursing mothers. The leaves are nutritious, and delicious, too!


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