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Getting started

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    Roguewordluverposted 2 years ago

    I'm having a terrible time getting started. I tried to post an article and the lines moved seperating the paragraphs. I am not able to correct them. Also, what if my essay does not fit any of the categories in the drop down? Not liking hub pages very much at all!

    1. Pearldiver profile image81
      Pearldiverposted 2 years ago

      Marilyn - Start as you mean to carry on. The First thing you should do (before you start publishing) is to populate your landing page with something that will appeal to any visitors coming to your page. The moment you publish you are asking readers to take what you write seriously. Most won't if you haven't done your housekeeping seriously, with an avatar image and something they will find interesting about YOU or Your writing. It doesn't take long to spice up the page with an appealing wallpaper etc. Ask yourself... "Do I find this person interesting?"

      Have a look see how different hubbers do their layouts and that will give you examples which you should also consider using in your own... Try to work out how they have structured their pieces capsule-wise and that will be a good starting point for your own.

      Then head off to the learning center and read up on the vast library of info. Most of the problems you are likely to face when starting out are answered there.. and you don't have to sit for 6 hours on the side of the road in a forum, waiting for a ride, if you get my drift.

      Type your article on word, spellcheck and break it into say 3-4 text capsules. You upload the extra capsules from the little' moving' tag on the left side of the page in Edit mode. These Paste your chosen paragraphs into their respective text capsules. Really easy. DON'T try to use just one text box... it's boring and less engaging than say Text - Image - Text - Poll - Text - Image - give your hub some substance both verbally and visually.

      I know exactly how you feel starting out - as do most of the other hubbers... But I have to say that if your follow the bouncy ball around the site - you will really appreciate it's structure and resources. Bon Chance

      1. tsmog profile image84
        tsmogposted 2 years agoin reply to this

        Thank you for all your help Pearldiver. I use to read your input years back too. Always of great value.

    2. frankcofrah profile image71
      frankcofrahposted 2 years ago

      This is encouraging .Thanks for sharing

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      Roguewordluverposted 2 years ago

      Thanks for taking the time to answer, but this is so much more complicated than Helium was!  I just want to post my writing, I don't want to have to hunt for pictures etc post along with it.  I'm not finding my topic categories listed either. Generally not a good experience here.

      1. Millionaire Tips profile image93
        Millionaire Tipsposted 2 years agoin reply to this

        Welcome to HubPages, Marilyn.  I'm not really sure whether you are asking for help, or just want to vent.  If you need help, we would be better help you if you were more specific. 

        What type of category are you looking for?  Let us know, and we can offer you suggestions.  It is possible that a category exists but it is hard for you to find because you don't know the structure.  There is a topic tree that has a list of all the categories if that would help you.

        If there isn't a category for the topic you want, if you ask, HubPages may even create it for you.

        1. Millionaire Tips profile image93
          Millionaire Tipsposted 2 years agoin reply to this

          Also pictures are really really helpful to add interest on your hubs.  I highly recommend them. You can use your own or find public domain ones on the web.  Writing a hub is not like a blog. It is not easy - you really have to keep the reader in mind first and foremost.

      2. relache profile image90
        relacheposted 2 years agoin reply to this

        Unless you want to publish magazine-like articles, complete with photos and other media, this is not the place for your writing.  This is not a blog site, and the content standards get tightened regularly.  There is a quality review and Hubs that don't pass, are not allowed to be published.

      3. psycheskinner profile image82
        psycheskinnerposted 2 years agoin reply to this

        Post from a plain text source like notepad and you should have no problems.

        Pictures are encouraged but not required, and categories are not that important when the goal is to get Google traffic (which is keyword based)

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      Roguewordluverposted 2 years ago

      I have some poetry and essays on a variety of subjects. The recipes and animal writings are easy to categorize. I did ask for help, but to date have no response. I know about "keeping the reader in mind," it's getting the writing posted with all the little 'capsules' that's the problem. Thanks for writing, but it really didn't help.

      1. Millionaire Tips profile image93
        Millionaire Tipsposted 2 years agoin reply to this

        What problem are you having with the capsules?  Have you tried using the templates that HubPages provide?  I found them to be very helpful and user friendly.

    5. Chriswillman90 profile image99
      Chriswillman90posted 2 years ago

      I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling and it's been a bad experience. When I started here I was a bit overwhelmed with all of the formatting and how to use the capsules, but the learning center definitely helped. I also like the step by step guide you get when you're creating your hub. I still haven't perfected it but the key is to keep learning and trying.

      You don't have to go all out with your first hubs because you'll gradually improve over time. I wish you luck though and hope you find a happy medium.

    6. Kylyssa profile image96
      Kylyssaposted 2 years ago

      If you write the text in notepad or a similar program, be sure to un-check "Word Wrap" under the "Format" tab at the top and fix it up so it looks right without the word wrap on before cutting and pasting into HubPages capsules. That should fix any added line spaces. But do make sure it looks correct in text format first.