Naming My Hub- help with the title

  1. StephanPoe profile image78
    StephanPoeposted 2 years ago

    Ok so I'm having difficulty giving a proper title to my latest hub. At the moment I've called it Does ISIS (Islamic State)  Live Alongside House Pets?
    Prior to this (literally 5 minutes ago)  it was called How Islamic State Extremist Society Treats Pets.
    As you can tell is a hub about domestic animals in Islamic extremist society, what they do to them, how they see them, what does it say in holy texts about pets, etc.

    In my point of view it's a very important subject, not often debated. But I don't know how to title it. I know it may sound dumb, it should be the easiest part. But it's not. I want a strong well descriptive name, I've thought about so many, and yet I like none.
    Please help fellow hubbers

    link to hub

    1. LeanMan profile image89
      LeanManposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      I am guessing that you are asking this question because you want to get traffic and you want to maximize that traffic.

      The first thing that you should ask yourself is anyone really going to be looking for information on this subject? While you may be interested in this is anyone else?
      You need to plug your keywords into the Google keyword tool and see what it throws out. This will tell you how many people are searching for phrases such as "How does ISIS treat pets?' and other phrases that could be searched.
      You should also look at what google does with its auto complete when you type in a search box. You will find that if you type in "How does ISIS treat" it will suggest women but not cats. dogs, pets or anything else related to animals even if you type an additional letter to prompt it....  So maybe no one will be searching for this subject!

      And if no one is searching for the subject then no one will come to read your hub...

      The only other option is to share your hub in places such as facebook, twiter and the rest of social media - In which case a nice shocking title may help you get shares, likes and views - "ISIS wants to stab your pussy"

      Good luck....

      1. StephanPoe profile image78
        StephanPoeposted 2 years agoin reply to this

        Hello Leanman thank you for your answer. Well the main reason I wrote this is because it's not a common approach to ISIS culture and although I do not expect any organic search traffic for the exact reasons you mentioned. I do wanted a title for social media traffic and hubpages traffic,  something people would want to read, share and discuss. So I'm not too bothered with Google keywords, I just want a good shocking title smile