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know if it's good enough to be published!

  1. Mick Beet profile image33
    Mick Beetposted 2 years ago
    1. LongTimeMother profile image96
      LongTimeMotherposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      G'day, Mick. There's lots of Aussies here, but we generally try to write a few extra sentences for those international hubbers who aren't used to Australian shorthand. smile

      May I suggest that next time you write on the forum, you use correct punctuation in the heading, and write a question instead of a statement if you are looking for answers. It is good to give readers a few clues if you're hoping for a reply.

      Anyway, I took a look at your hub. I'm guessing it was recently unpublished because it has a bunch of comments already, and you're wondering why it was unpublished. Is that right?

      Here's what I'm thinking ...

      You should take a close look at your hub because there's a lot of mistakes and HP is now cracking down on quality. I suggest you read it out loud, and you'll see where words are missing and commas should be added. Maybe get one of your friends or family to take a look at it after you've fixed the things you spot, just to double-check.

      To help you get started, here's just a few problems I noticed.

      - You need to separate 'visitedPoland' into two words.
      - You have two '.' at the end of the first sentence.
      - 1pm is just after midday, so it doesn't make sense in a sentence about sleeping on a hot summer's night. You need to change it to 1am.
      - You obviously started with a very short hub, and then added to it ... a few times. (You keep saying 'Cheers' as though it is the end, but then you added more.)
      - Get rid of the rating and the stars! Seems like a good idea, I know, but there's rules about using them. You're breaking those rules. smile
      - You should probably also remove the photo from the Australian War Memorial. It doesn't really fit in with what you're writing about in this hub.

      But here's the real clanger, Mick. You copied and pasted a few paragraphs from somewhere else. The whole section about Annie Kagan is 'lifted' which breaks HubPages' major rule about only publishing original content. This is a website with lots of professional writers who are used to reading different styles by different authors. Unfortunately that section sticks out like dog's balls in your hub. Copying someone else's work is enough to get a hub unpublished.

      You write like an Australian farm boy, Mick, which is a really good thing for a writer who wants to write original content. There's no need to flog bits from other writers.

      If you take the time and make the effort to become more skilled in punctuation, spelling, sentence structure (and, let's be honest, entire hub structure), I think you could be very successful here and eventually make some decent money.

      Your topics are certainly very interesting, although I haven't read any more than the one hub you linked to here.

      Good luck, Mick. You're on the right track. Just make your hub a bit tidier.

  2. thumbi7 profile image65
    thumbi7posted 2 years ago

    The 'title" needs to be modified
    If you have a catchy title, which follows the approved style, it has got a better chance to get featured.

  3. Mick Beet profile image33
    Mick Beetposted 2 years ago

    Mate thx for the advice....will get cracking...cheers