Someone's been scraping hubpages these past few days (what do we do?)

  1. neilencio profile image85
    neilencioposted 2 years ago

    I just got one of my hubs unpublished this morning due to duplicate content. Note that it was already a featured article a couple of days ago and had an 84 hubscore. I ran it by copyscape and found a site that scraped the content, with my byline and everything.

    Unfortunately, with my hub unpublished, I cannot report the site as a scraper via Google's tool. Since his site is the only one that's going to come up on a search result.

    URLs are not allowed here, but I hope this can be an exception: the site is thepointerpost dotcom and it looks like my hub is not the only one that's been scraped. Most of the new articles on his site is from hubpages. If you had a hub published this week, you might want to check if it's been scraped by this guy as well. The scraper goes by the name of josegbeni and he seems to be from nigeria.

    Is there any way we can deal with cases like this? I already tried to explain the case to hubpages via the reporting tool and I hope they will let me republish the hub, but it really sucks because it can be done as a way of attacking specific hubpages authors (just scrape his or her content, it gets unpublished automatically via HP's own system.)

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      TIMETRAVELER2posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      If you wrote down the URL of your article, you can use it to contact Google for help with this issue.  The team may be able to access it for you.  Good Luck.  Here's the link to use:

      you should also email the HP team asap.

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        neilencioposted 2 years agoin reply to this

        Thanks TIMETRAVELER2.

        My content was republished and marked as original content after contacting HP support and explaining my case (it seems that it was unpublished automatically by the system)

        I have also taken steps to get the scraper's copy deindexed by filing a DMCA, now that the original hub is back online.