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I'd like feedback on my Hub: Creating Riches

  1. MarieLB profile image82
    MarieLBposted 2 years ago

    Hi Hubbers,

    I'd like some help with passing the Quality Assessment Process. Will you please give feedback on my Hub Creating Riches. What can I do to improve?

    Can I further explain that it was not meant as an in-depth study of Psychic services, but as light entertainment.  I wanted to use a subject that many, many people have an opinion about, even those who have never used the service or any intention to use in future.  And yet, many are attracted and tempted by the promises. . . .

    I have been told that I MAY have spammy elements.  What do you think?

    1. theraggededge profile image99
      theraggededgeposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      It's all a bit confusing. Would make a better blog topic than an HP article. It reads like fiction. Your title should reflect what the article is about. It needs an introduction that informs the reader what to expect.

      You have a nice writing voice but it's unclear what the point of the hub is.

      Also, do you have permission to use those photos - do they have a Creative Commons License? You should make that clear. There's lots of help on inserting images correctly in the Learning Center.

      1. MarieLB profile image82
        MarieLBposted 2 years agoin reply to this

        Thank you 'theraggededge' for your very clear and specific critique.  it is great to be 'pointed in the right direction'.

        I checked out all the photos, made sure I could use them.  I will ensure it is tabled correctly.

        Thanks again.

  2. Marisa Wright profile image98
    Marisa Wrightposted 2 years ago

    I think the problem is that I can't work out what the Hub is about.  The title seems to have nothing to do with the story.  I can't see the point of the story either. 

    If this is just a piece of light-hearted creative writing, then put it in Creative Writing.  You've chosen a category which is meant to provide helpful advice for people about finding their writer's voice.

    1. MarieLB profile image82
      MarieLBposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Marisa Wright,

      I think you have hit upon one mistake that nobody had yet noticed.  I have used the wrong category.  That makes all the difference.  Of course, even if I put it in Creative Writing, there are still a few things I can improve upon as noted by three hubbers already. 

      I do so appreciate your time to read and assess my work, thank you very much.