Does an Mturker have a Strategy to rate a Hub?

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    tsmogposted 2 years ago

    To my understanding learned here in the forums (Thank You) and research there are two elements for the QAP:

    (1) The crawl with an algorithm(s)

    (2) Mturk process with its policy and procedures

    I ponder how the MTurker approaches the task of rating a Hub contrast what is paid.

    Some thoughts:

    ** Informational articles spammy elements fall into ratings 2, 4 & 6 in the category Substance and is a Google marketplace

    ** Creative there is no mention of spammy elements presuming ‘Not’ to use Amazon & Ebay capsules since a social market place.

    Two ranges for rating a submitted Hub at MTurk while suggested is only a few minutes needed to assess.

    (A) $0.05 – rated Mturker at one
    (B) $0.15 – Rated at 100 or less through a qualification process & maintaining it

    I question if HP submits to the first & if passes, then the second.

    The MTurker must choose for a Hub – Informational or Creative with individual guides
    Main focus – Substance, Organizational, and Grammar & Mechanics

    With the first I surmise the strategy is organization & spammy elements or Big Picture

    The second presumed through the qualification process known are the guidelines. A strategy is to Scan the article for organization while looking for spammy elements. Spot check the Grammar & Mechanics. Then skim here and there reading checking Substance?

    Hubber Paul Goodman wrote a Hub Top 10 Amazon MTurk Tips and Tricks. I focused on #5 - Think through how long a task takes in Mechanical Turk and the relative pay rate.

    The format for rating a Hub used at both MTurk & the Hub Hopper is a sliding scale with explanations for meanings

    The guides used are found at Hub Rating Scale. The link lands on Informational.

    Questioning the MTurker related to How it works posted a year ago (Relevancy today?) where Hubpages is mentioned within.

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      Sherry Hewinsposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      These are the instructions provided to Turkers for deciding whether a hub has spammy elements related to Amazon modules.

      In general, product-oriented articles (those that contain Amazon and/or eBay ads inside the content) are considered spammy unless:

      Product(s) are directly relevant and not excessive

      If the article is about the product(s), then the article provides significant, useful information or opinion about the products beyond what could be found on Amazon's (or other seller's or manufacturer's) web site

      If the article recommends a particular product, then the recommendation seems genuine, trustworthy, and unbiased

      If the products were removed from the article, the remaining content would likely satisfy the reader

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        tsmogposted 2 years agoin reply to this

        Thank You smile . . . I will be assessing affiliate capsules today with that information. Also, interesting I discovered a Hub by Paul Edmundson Challenges With Products in Hubs posted 11/06/15. Very informative to me relearning HP beginning anew after a long hiatus.