I'd like feedback on my Hub: An Aerial Soliloquy...

  1. maven101 profile image75
    maven101posted 21 months ago

    I understand your concern...In years past we could simply write a poem and have it displayed for our fellow hubbers...Now it seems I must meet certain criteria generated within HubPages to be allowed to publish my poetry to those 400 plus followers that I wish to connect with...I thought this was an open poetry site where aspiring and dedicated poets could share, criticize, and encourage new poets on their way to discovery...I must have been mistaken...I understand the drive to increase profitability, but I reject it's moral, or lack thereof, of its ultimate aim: profit over artistic expression...Larry L. Conners

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      TessSchlesingerposted 21 months ago in reply to this

      I guess someone removed his/her question.

      I have never understood why anyone would think Hubpages was a venue for publishing poetry. It has always been advertised as a site where writers can earn money.