What did you do for MLK Jr. day?

  1. davidlivermore profile image96
    davidlivermoreposted 2 years ago

    Unfortunately like a lot of people I treated today as a holiday where I had a day off work.  I didn't realize it was MLK Jr. day until recently, probably like I do each year.

    Even though this holiday has no significant cultural significance to me, it did remind me of something.  I was watching one of the old Star Trek movies today and Nichelle Nichols came on screen.  I remember a story where Nichelle was close to leaving Star Trek, but MLK was a huge fan of her part in Star Trek and asked her to keep at it, which kept her on the show.

    I read more about the impact her part caused.  MLK inspired a lot of people and in a way he impacted my life, so I thank him for all he did.

    So I celebrated this day by watching a show he liked, with an actress who showed equality on TV.

    So, what did you do to celebrate this day?

  2. janshares profile image95
    jansharesposted 2 years ago

    I hung out on Twitter #MLKDay, tweeted, retweeted, favorited, read some really good stuff, and tweeted a couple of my own articles. I also listened to the "I Have a Dream" speech which I do every year on this day. Right now I'm watching a documentary, "King: From Montgomery to Memphis," containing amazing footage from the civil rights movement, featuring cuts of Dr. King speaking at various places during the movement. It is raw and difficult to watch but important that we never forget.