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Side by side pictures

  1. Erzulie LM profile image83
    Erzulie LMposted 21 months ago


    Is it possible to place 2 photos side by side in Hubpages? I know how to place a photo on the side of text, but when I try this with another photo it just reduces size and appears below the 1st (instead of side by side)....hope this makes sense!

    Thanks in advance

    1. Anna Marie Bowman profile image93
      Anna Marie Bowmanposted 21 months agoin reply to this

      No, there isn't.  Sorry. I have wished we could do this as well.  It either has to be right beneath the other picture, or aligned right of text.

    2. Sue Adams profile image97
      Sue Adamsposted 21 months agoin reply to this

      You can use photoshop or a free program called "paint.net" to make one image out of two photos (possibly with a small vertical dividing space between them). Then upload the double image  to HP and chose full-width to display it.

      1. Chriswillman90 profile image96
        Chriswillman90posted 21 months agoin reply to this

        Good tip to know. In the past I've tried to do that (side by side) for comparison photos but couldn't get two photos side by side, which made it look kind of awkward.

      2. Solaras profile image99
        Solarasposted 21 months agoin reply to this

        Picmonkey.com also lets you do collages with 2 to as many photos as you want.

  2. WryLilt profile image93
    WryLiltposted 21 months ago

    I'd love this feature! However I've never seen it on Wordpress sites, rev share sites or anywhere else.

  3. profile image54
    faria12posted 21 months ago

    Picmonkey.com is the best site for that i was try that its possible in Picmonkey......Thanks