Should i delete hubs?

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  1. aniketgore profile image59
    aniketgoreposted 15 years ago

    I have some hubs not getting traffic at all. I tried to change there name still no use. Should i delete those hubs?

    1. Travis Pyle profile image61
      Travis Pyleposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      nah dont delete them im the only one that looks at mine but ya know what i leave them

  2. Anti-Valentine profile image74
    Anti-Valentineposted 15 years ago

    No. I don't. Try adding some more tags or updating it with some more photos or other capsules. I've also read that jumbling up your groups or linking to poor performing hubs from your high performace hubs will get those hubs more hits. I've used some of these tactics and seen some positive results, generally.

  3. rancidTaste profile image64
    rancidTasteposted 15 years ago

    No, I don't think to delete them. I was also facing the same problem when I was new in hubpages. At first, I got only 3 to 20 traffic. Now few days ago, I'm getting avg 70 traffic views. But now it is crossing 100. I think it will increase more ...

    I guess within 2 months my traffic will reach to 5 times more. I am not sure but I guess so....

    Moreover, I just write and I see some of the pages take places on Google's first page. Generally, I don't follow any extra steps to advertise my hubpages

    So, plz... be patient.... I will soon reach the goal...

  4. flread45 profile image58
    flread45posted 15 years ago

    Do not delete any hub unless it is against policy to post.
    The more hubs you have the more money they generate...

    1. profile image0
      shreekrishnaposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      hello flread45

      i think your some of the hubs are flagged.

      i don't know why hubpages flag some good hubs also.

      no one has answer , even hubpages staff also,
      as they don't see them.

  5. Research Analyst profile image72
    Research Analystposted 15 years ago

    You can take the hubs you are not getting any traffic to, and add more content, add videos, RSS, Photos, Amazon Books, Ebay Auctions, Poll, this will at least show some activity on your hubs, just keep refreshing them, thats all, but keep them.

    1. GeneriqueMedia profile image61
      GeneriqueMediaposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      Best advice. I've only deleted one or two hubs, usually things I didn't feel I had enough qualification or artistic spin to write about...generally speaking, even if my other articles don't generate that much traffic they serve as a record for me to understand where I've come from and where I as yet still need to explore.


    2. Everyday Miracles profile image86
      Everyday Miraclesposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      I noticed G|M's quoting this above and I saw it again. Strange that. I read it the first time but things didn't really fall into place.

      Search engines like fresh content. It's one of the reasons that blogs and forums can often do so well in Google. When you change your hub by adding something to it, not only are you giving the search engines more to spider on your page, but you are also giving them something *new* to spider.

      Excellent advice.

  6. Everyday Miracles profile image86
    Everyday Miraclesposted 15 years ago

    There is so very much that you can do! Not all of mine are getting traffic right now but I haven't tweaked all of them yet. I spread out that job over three days at the end of last week and haven't gotten back to it yet. And yes, I know I haven't been here yet three weeks. I'm a perfectionist, what can I say?

    If your hubs aren't getting any traffic, first check out Chuck's hub How to Increase HubPage Income by Cultivating Your Hubs: … -Your-Hubs

    This hub changed the way I viewed HP. For some reason I felt that the rule about not publishing unfinished hubs meant that we weren't allowed to go back and edit them at all. I'm a natural "tweaker." For me, this has worked out fairly well.

    Since Monday, my traffic has more than doubled. Seriously. Again, I've not been here for very long so that's pretty normal. Today I have not touched my own hubs. I sit at 200+ visits. I've not viewed a one of my own. Last Saturday I was looking at around 70 visits when I didn't view my own hubs.

    Read some of shailini's posts about getting more traffic, too. They are truly brilliant and very helpful. Due to her advice, I took the time to inter-link my hubs. I am using more popular hubs to highlight less popular hubs. So far it has driven traffic up on most of my hubs. This weekend I've seen a lot of blue triangles but I'm not discouraged. I know that my traffic is improving.

    Please keep faith that the traffic will come. The PP have several good points as well about tags and keywords in your copy. Keep cultivating and you'll get it!

  7. aniketgore profile image59
    aniketgoreposted 15 years ago

    Hay thanks all it boosted my moral. I will first try using popular hubs to link with less populars.

  8. Marisa Wright profile image85
    Marisa Wrightposted 15 years ago

    Some of my Hubs don't get much traffic at all, whereas others do well.  It may just be that you're writing about things people don't want to hear about!

    Remember that you don't just want traffic, you want the kind of traffic that will click on your ads.  Interlinking non-related Hubs may not help you with that. 

    It might be more effective to get some links outside HubPages, by posting on relevant blogs and including a link in your signature, or participating in forums where people will be interested in your subject matter.

    1. aniketgore profile image59
      aniketgoreposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks Marisa i am gonna look for good forums out on net.

  9. Everyday Miracles profile image86
    Everyday Miraclesposted 15 years ago

    Right, what Marisa said. That was what I meant in the first place. I'm sorry if I wasn't clear. I seem to have a habit of that on forums.

    If you are interested in really pushing yourself, forums, groups and blogs are great. I find that it is insanely time consuming but I am also the mother of a young child. Make sure though that you aren't posting spam!

    Oh! And don't forget about Yahoo! Answers!

    1. aniketgore profile image59
      aniketgoreposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      Ohh i missed yahoo answeres. I knew it have great potential but it did slipped out of my brain. Thanks Miracles.

  10. profile image0
    shreekrishnaposted 15 years ago

    what i say you already know ,

    if don't or forget ,

    then the first post after is great advice.

    don't delete any hub.

    a time come when they get a huge traffic.

    try to publish some new great attracting hubs extraordnary ,
    which are real but hubbers know a little about them.

  11. Everyday Miracles profile image86
    Everyday Miraclesposted 15 years ago

    Me too! I know people who have had great luck with Yahoo! Answers, but I have also noticed that the questions I want to answer are often already resolved sad

    1. aniketgore profile image59
      aniketgoreposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      yahoo answers have changed a lot. Is there any info you have miracles abt them? or anyone who can help.

      1. Whitney05 profile image82
        Whitney05posted 15 years agoin reply to this

        Try to answer the question but with minimal info and post a link  to your hub. Just be careful because if you post too many, they'll give you the 999 error, and you won't be able to post for a while. Try to space them out. I try to do a good handful once a week.

        Don't delete them. Try adding new text, pictures, videos, etc. I have hubs that almost never get traffic, but they do occasionally. I've had one that barely gets traffic, but one day sold a very expensive painting off of ebay, which was nice.

  12. Everyday Miracles profile image86
    Everyday Miraclesposted 15 years ago

    I can't help since I haven't used them in so long... But hopefully somebody else can share some experiences!

  13. lindagoffigan profile image57
    lindagoffiganposted 15 years ago

    I would not delete a hubpage article because that would be like closing down the store after noticing you were not getting enough customers. You need to distribute your work to social media other than what Huppage has after rewriting the article for public relevance.  You may also change the topic of your hubpage on the edit page to the active tense that would make people want to open up your hubpage. I will visit your hubpage and see what is going on.

    1. aniketgore profile image59
      aniketgoreposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks for the help given by you. I appreciate it.

      And i am getting more energetic for my low score hubs by all of your ideas.

  14. carpesomediem profile image59
    carpesomediemposted 15 years ago

    In my experience, unless a hub is immediately relevant - such as current events, like the Swine Flu outbreaks, for example - they will not necessarily gain an influx of traffic right away.  In some cases, depending on the topic and focus of the hub, it make take weeks or even months before real, steady traffic begins to come in.

    There are a lot of ways to work with a hub to gain traffic, as others have mentioned.  Utilizing keywords for search engines, designing visually stimulating hubs that keep reader interest and using social media sites to get the word out are all things you can do to help hubs garner attention.

    If a hub isn't gaining as much traffic as you like, and you have tried different ways to increase it, you can always post about those hubs in the Extreme Hub Makeover forum for hubbers to suggest tips, tricks and more to help you on your way.

  15. caderade2 profile image57
    caderade2posted 15 years ago

    Good to know.  I would have assumed that a low ranking hub would lower my hubscore.  But I take it that doesn't happen.

    1. Whitney05 profile image82
      Whitney05posted 15 years agoin reply to this

      It can but one or two low scoring hubs isn't going to be that big of a deal, if your others are good and if you participate on the overall site regularly. Hub score is not the only factor that determines your rank.

    2. Lisa HW profile image61
      Lisa HWposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      This is what I've wondered about.  I've wondered whether deleting any Hubs that get an individual score lower than, say, 55 or 60 may result in a higher overall HubScore for the writer; and then if an increased HubScore may, in turn, get more traffic for the better Hubs.  Does anyone know if that's how it would work?

  16. profile image0
    multimasteryposted 15 years ago

    Sometime certain hubs take a while longer to catch fire than others - so best not to delete them but just rework them.  Aged hubs can really gain a lot of credibility with Google and other engines over time.  I have also found that by including some in-demand keywords into my hubs by using a good keyword tool can really breathe new life into a dying hub.


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