Combine deleted Hub Groups option with More by this Author section

  1. dmrlowd profile image97
    dmrlowdposted 19 months ago

    About a month ago, the Hub Groups option was eliminated, with the idea apparently being that there were too many links to Hubs by the same author on each page, related links were already being generated automatically in the More by this Author section, and most people didn't use the feature anyway.  Unfortunately, when I looked at what three links were being automatically generated for each Hub, they appeared to be related mostly to recent traffic (the same links were appearing over and over), and not to a related topic that a person that had just read each Hub would logically be interested in.  I write in several very different categories that are of interest to me but may not all be of interest to someone else (politics, frugal living, sports, and film and literature), and it seems very unlikely that someone who was interested in one of those categories would be interested in an article from a different category simply because they have the same author.  I responded to this by adding the related links to the end of each of my Hubs manually.  Unfortunately, this evidently has drastic negative consequences that I otherwise would never have found out about; my Hubberscore has dropped precipitously (from the mid 90's to the low 80's), and now my Hubs are hidden deep on the site and I can't find my most recent (and most involved and time sensitive) Hub on Google or Yahoo anymore, which means that it will not be read by anyone.     

    Here is my suggestion: why not allow the automatically generated Hubs to be the default for the More by this Author section as it was in the Hub Groups section if someone wasn't using the option, but give people the option of setting up Groups under that section if they want.  You clearly have the capability of offering the option with a default in place, and you would still be limiting the number of links to work from the same Hubber to 3.

    To be clear, I do find it incredibly disheartening that I worked so hard on writing Hubs I care about and that now no one will read them, but I understand that ship may have already sailed.  However, that doesn't mean that the site can't be better, and that people might have the chance to build an audience for their related work in the future.