HubPages Earning Program Not working?

  1. Abi Hurley profile image81
    Abi Hurleyposted 19 months ago

    Hey everyone!

    So, I'm new here and to be honest, a little lost. I've posted my first hub and associated my paypal account and put in my tax details but for some reason I can seem to 'get started' on any of the earning programs.... here's what happens;

    I click 'get started' then it asks if I 'have an adsense account'. I click yes and it takes me to my adsense account where i click the 'associate' button.... but then it just returns me straight back to the settings page and nothing has changed....!

    Can someone please explain why this is happening???

    Thank you in advance!

    Abi smile

    1. Malorie Thompson profile image78
      Malorie Thompsonposted 19 months agoin reply to this

      I was having the same problem!! I've had my account for about a week now. I tried to associate it again a day later and it worked smile

  2. Abi Hurley profile image81
    Abi Hurleyposted 19 months ago

    Thanks for the reply!

    Yes I think I figured it out... you have to wait a week to get approval for an adsense account.... eek! love your page content by the way! smile