New & Just Got Approved for Google AdSense- Need Help Please

  1. AndreaRelli1111 profile image80
    AndreaRelli1111posted 21 months ago

    Hello Everyone,
    I hope that you can help me. I am new here and I just got approved for Google AdSense. The instructions I received from Google AdSense are vague and confusing. I tried asking this question on their forum and I failed to get the help that I needed. I hope I can get the help that I need here.

    I figured out how to make a Ad Unit and the instructions from Google AdSense told me to insert the HTML code on my HubPages profile but I did not see a place to insert it while in edit mode.So I looked on my Hubs to see if there was a place there while in edit mode but did not find a place. Then looking over my Hubs it looks like the ads are already there.

    Or is the Google AdSense directions incorrect as there is no need to since AdSense is built into HubPages?

    If I need to insert code please tell me where and how to. I do not want to assume anything like that I do not need to since AdSense or built in and then not get paid since I am unsure of what to do. I hope that someone here can help me with this please.


  2. Marisa Wright profile image98
    Marisa Wrightposted 21 months ago

    Forget all that.

    The instructions you'll get from Adsense, Amazon or any other affiliate program are designed for people who own their own  blog.  They can't be used on HubPages because HubPages is not your own blog, it's a magazine site where you're a writer.

    So you need to ignore what it says on these sites and follow the instructions on HubPages.  You'll find all the instructions by clicking on the Help button at the top right hand of the screen and clicking on the appropriate section.

    All you have to do on HubPages is paste your Adsense ID in the appropriate section on your account page and HubPages places all the ads.