A little rant...

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  1. icewave5 profile image60
    icewave5posted 9 years ago

    A lot of the hubs are not detailed and written in depth. I mean i write a hub with more and better information than some other hub and still i get less traffic.. unbelievable and less ads as well..
    The hubs it seems to me are just written randomly and chucked out with a overload of ads...makes me angry... ignorance is bliss as you may not see.

    1. Paraglider profile image92
      Paragliderposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      It takes time to build a following here. Best advice is to concentrate on your own hubs and don't worry about what others are doing. Working the forums helps too.

    2. frogdropping profile image83
      frogdroppingposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Icewave - I'm quite a Noob on Hubpages. But seen as though you've had a little rant, I'm gonna say my little piece.

      I don't know if it's so much the content as the quality, if you understand? I know that I'm well educated, have studied hard over the years and, if I picked a subject that I know well - children - to hub about, I could be extremely detailed and informative.

      However, I don't want to bore anyone. Because I believe I would. I'd get carried away. I also have the notion that part of the draw to any hub is the self-interest of those that are doing the perusing.

      Make it interesting, make it informative. But don't go over-board. I haven't actually read anything that you've written but I will now.

      Maybe think about subject/context/info/originality + and inject a little personal style or even your personality.

      I don't know if I'm right - as I said, I'm a Noob and I'm no Shakespeare. But I do know that I'm a happy hubber and enjoy not only writing hubs but the interaction that comes with it.

    3. Misha profile image70
      Mishaposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Ignorance is definitely a bliss lol

  2. Lisa HW profile image65
    Lisa HWposted 9 years ago

    icewave5, I clicked on your profile, just out of curiosity; and I noticed you're a pretty recent Hubber.  As Paraglider said, it takes some time.  It does pay to offer solid, complete, information; but it does take a little time to start seeing traffic pick up.  The better collection of Hubs you have, the more likely you'll get more general traffic (even if some Hubs get more traffic than others).

    frogdropping, I just go ahead and risk boring people with whatever I think I should include.  smile  I figure if they don't want to read it they don't have to.  Much of the time I do aim to be as concise as possible, but a lot of the topics I tend to write about are often things that, to me, call for some "in-depth" discussion.  I think we have to just aim to produce our best writing on any topic. (Worst case, we can always delete "loser Hubs")   The best traffic (at least mine) does usually go to the Hubs that offer practical, useful, information.  I think, though, some of the more "artsy" or other types of writing can help raise your overall Hub score, which helps in getting traffic too (as far as I know).

    1. frogdropping profile image83
      frogdroppingposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Ohhh I'm not so much bothered about boring anyone else as I am with boring myself. It's incredibly easy and now and then, when I have the occasion to talk about my 'expertise' (for want of a better word)I get a bit soap box-y and never know when to shut me gub tongue

      1. Lisa HW profile image65
        Lisa HWposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        I know what you mean.  If there's one person I can't stand, and who bores me to death - it's me.   smile   I'll write something that I think is "wonderful", and then I'll go back and read it and think, "blah blah blah blah".  And yet, I can't stop writing the way I write, so it's hopeless.   smile

        1. Jewels profile image84
          Jewelsposted 9 years agoin reply to this

          It's funny Lisa.  I often talk alot - get me cranked up and off I can go.  My writing flows from my speech so you can imagine the longwindedness that occurs.  I have disciplined myself to cut out allot of words that are not necessary. But I can still talk lots when I get going!

          1. earnestshub profile image87
            earnestshubposted 9 years agoin reply to this

            So glad to see other hubbers bore themselves, me too, but I iz wot I iz!

  3. profile image56
    prince1244posted 9 years ago

    Rome was not built in a day my friend, I too justed started and hope to build my following thru my writings

  4. Lisa HW profile image65
    Lisa HWposted 9 years ago

    earnestshub, "It's funny Lisa.  I often talk alot - get me cranked up and off I can go.  My writing flows from my speech so you can imagine the longwindedness that occurs.  I have disciplined myself to cut out allot of words that are not necessary. But I can still talk lots when I get going!"

    I don't think I can cut out any words.  Somehow, to me, they're "all so important".   smile    Strangely, I'm fine if I write a basic, little, article for someone else.  It's when I write on my own "behalf" that I feel that need to include every thought that could possibly be included "just to make sure nobody misunderstands what I'm saying."

  5. profile image0
    shreekrishnaposted 9 years ago

    welldone misha again ,

    you write short sentances or half sentences ,

    but all the answere came in single line.

  6. Janet21 profile image84
    Janet21posted 9 years ago

    If you feel you have a lot to say on a hub, try breaking up the content over a few capsules and incorporating photos as well.  This will make the hub easier to read and more exciting to the reader.  Just a thought.

    1. Everyday Miracles profile image88
      Everyday Miraclesposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I have one I'm breaking down over several parts, just to see how it goes. Parts 1 and 2 were published already this week. So far, so good. Hubscores are rising and all that jazz.

      I've also looked at a couple of your hubs (yesterday, actually) and I agree that you need to just wait it out. The ads aren't a bad thing, not just because we earn from them, but also because they break up the text on the page.

  7. profile image0
    Janettaposted 9 years ago

    Ok, so here's my two cents...I know this site is basically all about traffic and making money for a lot of people, and that's great. But, maybe it's not that way for everyone. I know it's not for me. I use HubPages because I love to write and this is a wonderful place to do that. As a writer, it gets my name out there and helps me to build a fan base. If I make a few bucks in the process, woo hoo. The thing is, though, that most of my hubs are things I like to talk about or things that interest me. I'm realy not writing for you, I'm writing for me. If you are interested by what I write and enjoy it, then that's a bonus. My personal thoughts on the subject are that if you write only for others and TRY to get traffic, it ain't gonna happen. Don't worry about what others are doing, or you'll go crazy. As long as you're enjoying yourself, what's it matter? BTW...once people do start checking out your stuff and your score continues to rise, you will get more traffic, so just hang in there.


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