My first hub has been rejected I don't understand

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    StuffsInterestingposted 19 months ago

    Hello Friends,

    I created my first hub and it has been unpublished by moderator. I read the instructions below it seems it's just a copy and paste of guidelines not really constructive and precise and I do not agree that what what I wrote is overtly promotional that's what I would have liked to read on the Apple Watch 2 myself.

    If this is the way it is it is very hard to write genuinely on hubapges.

    A link to your Hub: … le-Watch-2

    Hi StuffsInteresting,

    As you are part of the HubPages community, we want you to succeed, so we want to let you know that your Hub has been unpublished because it is Overly Promotional. If this is the first time you've gotten an email like this, don't worry! You'll have an opportunity to fix it.

    Moderator Note: Please proofread this Hub for grammar and spelling.

    Overly Promotional means that one or more of the following is true about your Hub. It:
    *Solely or excessively promotes another site, product, or service
    *Over-uses words or phrases that disrupt the Hub’s readability, which may include repeated emphasis of phrases with bold or italics
    *Links more than 2 times to a single domain
    *Gives a short teaser and a link to "read more" or "continue"
    *Links to a page that contains largely the same content as your Hub
    *Has excessive Amazon or eBay capsules

    When you are finished editing your Hub so that it complies with our Terms of Use, please click the "Submit for Publication" button. We will then review your Hub and publish it if it is no longer in violation.

    Please note that repeated violations will result in the banning of your account. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our Terms of Use and our Learning Center before publishing again: … d_22732854

    1. theraggededge profile image99
      theraggededgeposted 19 months agoin reply to this

      So have you gone through the hub and ticked off those requirements one by one?

      We can't see the hub as it isn't published, so can't help directly.

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    Gina Welds-Hulseposted 19 months ago

    Don't feel bad or disappointed.  My first hub was also rejected, but with practice, plus great advice from the team here, you will eventually figure out what the administrators are looking for.

    It's a good idea to go through each step in the email that you received to fix those issues, if any persists.