Are Hubpages Newtwork Sites Hurting my Earnings or Advancement?

  1. Kim Maravich profile image98
    Kim Maravichposted 15 months ago

    Earlier this week, I posed a question on what I could do to get approved through Google Adsense.  I wasn't approved because of "Difficult Site Navigation" ... turns out, I have too many redirects to other sites.  Specifically, these are Caloriebee and Heal Dove, the Hubpages Network sites.  I was quite honored to have 5 of my hubs moved to those sites (I've only written 10).  I realize I have very few hubs written so far, so I don't expect to make any earnings for a while.  However, I wonder if I'll ever get approved because of the redirects?  I feel as though, in a way, it's a punishment to have your articles transferred because Google Adsense sees that as detrimental.  AND on top of that, one cannot earn through Hubpages earning programs without a Google Adsense account.  That is unfair.

    I would love to contact Hubpages directly to ask them to reconsider their policy on earning.  I absolutely understand that Hubpages is not a "get rich" platform.  I truly love writing for Hubpages.  I love the format and the ease with which I can publish articles.  However, I'm not sure if I should pursue another venue if this is ultimately a dead-end.  Should I just try to use Amazon's affiliate program instead of Hubpages'?  Can you earn at all by having your articles moved to the network sites?  (Some incentives for good writing would be nice!)

    Thanks for any suggestions!

    1. Christy Kirwan profile image
      Christy Kirwanposted 15 months agoin reply to this

      Hi Kim,

      Could you please email ? We'll get this sorted. Thanks for your patience.