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I really Need Help from Exp people

  1. Winston DM profile image60
    Winston DMposted 14 months ago

    hi my name is Adel and i been writing for Hub pages because honestly i need money and i have a lot of topics to write about  i wrote about 3 articles in less than 27 hours they weren't deleted but i get this message says that i have spammy elements meanwhile i can't find anything that contradicts with your laws so i ask you to please help me find the flaw in my articles so i can write freely, here are links to my articles :

    http://hubpages.com/education/8-signs-a … k2sxz0szcg

    http://hubpages.com/politics/A-list-of- … 13s39c6hgw

    http://hubpages.com/education/Mind-blow … u9q64up0q8
    Thank you in advance

    1. Winston DM profile image60
      Winston DMposted 14 months agoin reply to this

      i just knew that since it's unpublished anyone willing to help me can't see it so i'm ready to take screenshots or send a PDF or  WORD file  .

      1. psycheskinner profile image81
        psycheskinnerposted 14 months agoin reply to this

        Look in your email for the link you can post here, which will let logged in users see unpublished hub.  It may be in your spam filter.

        1. Winston DM profile image60
          Winston DMposted 14 months agoin reply to this

          Thank you very much i will edit the post

          1. Winston DM profile image60
            Winston DMposted 14 months agoin reply to this

            i suppose this is right

    2. Nell Rose profile image92
      Nell Roseposted 14 months agoin reply to this

      Hi maybe you are writing them too quickly. I haven't taken a look yet, but it seems that if you don't edit, and check then check again you may not be up to hubpage standard. As for writing quickly to earn money, sorry it doesn't work like that !  Hubpages is a writing site for people who love writing, learning and passing on information. To earn you need to write at least 300 articles over the space of a few years approx to start earning a decent amount. its not about the money on here, good luck!

      1. theraggededge profile image99
        theraggededgeposted 14 months agoin reply to this

        No, you don't need that many to earn a couple hundred dollars a month - just a few top quality hubs with good traffic will do it.

        You are right about it taking time though.

        1. Chriswillman90 profile image96
          Chriswillman90posted 14 months agoin reply to this

          You definitely don't need hundreds of hubs but strong SEO knowledge and a tight niche will go a long way. If you need money that bad and quickly then it's honestly far easier to find another part time or full time job because it can take well over a year before you start earning anything decent.

          Also never quit your day job for Hubpages even if you're earning hundreds a month from here consistently.

    3. amvabecreations profile image83
      amvabecreationsposted 14 months agoin reply to this

      Spelling and punctuation stand out at first glance.

    4. peachpurple profile image82
      peachpurpleposted 14 months agoin reply to this

      the images you had uploaded, are those yours?
      If no, you have to indicate where you got them

      Example: pixabay

  2. Intuitive Clarity profile image96
    Intuitive Clarityposted 14 months ago

    I have about 17 hubs and most of them are moved over to niche sites and still have not made any money. Remember to only have 1 amazon capsule on each of your hubs. I still have not been approved by adsense and from what I've read, it could take about 6 months for that to happen. Unfortunately, it is not an quick way to make money. I do spend quite a bit of time promoting my hubs on social media and editing old hubs. I also started an amazon store that I promote on a facebook page that I created just for that store. And still no money but it takes time. I started this to practice my writing skills and hopefully build a side income in the future. I wish you luck and lots of money but this won't be a fast money making strategy.

    1. Marisa Wright profile image98
      Marisa Wrightposted 14 months agoin reply to this

      @Intuitiveclarity, just to be clear - until you've got your Adsense account, you can't earn anything from the HP Earnings Program, even if you've signed up for it. 

      You should apply for Adsense now, because you've got enough Hubs and you've passed the one-month threshold.   People in some other countries have to wait six months, but you're in the US so you shouldn't have a problem.

      Well done for having Hubs moved straight to the niche sites, only the best are moved there so you're doing something right!  However I have to correct you about the Amazon capsules - you are allowed more than one.

      In theory, you can have a ratio of one Amazon capsule to every 300 words in the Hub. In practice, you would rarely have more than two, because each item must be directly related to the title of your Hub, and you must provide an explanation of why you personally recommend the item (i.e. you can't just pick a random item).  By the time you've applied those criteria, you'll usually find only one or two items that qualify!

  3. lobobrandon profile image90
    lobobrandonposted 14 months ago

    I don't want to be someone to demotivate you, but as the others have already pointed out, you're not going to earn anything from Hub Pages quickly enough, if the main reason you're writing is to get some money.

    Also, your articles are on interesting topics, no doubt about that. The language, however isn't up to native English standards. From a few paragraphs that I read, you're point can easily be understood, but there's quite a bit of grammatical errors or missing articles/words.

    The topics you are writing on aren't going to be searched for. But they do have good potential to be shared on social media. Maybe think of a way to write for social media on your own blog or something and also a way to monetise it.

    I know such topics would do well on Reddit for instance. So sharing a link there would help.