Better access for cell phones

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    Sparks66posted 8 months ago

    When Im at work on my break, I love browsing hubs. I do have multiple hubs I'd love to work on but unfortunately I don't have access to do such things until I get home.

    If there was access to create hubs on cell phones and tablets (not sure if they are comparable or not) it could make writing hubs alot more convenient for folks that have way to much time on their hands. Taking transit for an hour - work on your hub, have two hours to kill at work - work on your hub, one of those people that sit in Starbucks to write but you don't want to haul your laptop with you - work on your hub.

    If it was more compatable I feel people would really enjoy hubbing on the go!

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      calculus-geometryposted 8 months ago in reply to this

      When you're viewing the mobile version of the site there is an option in the menu to view the desktop version of the site instead.  The button for it is not immediately visible, but you'll find it if you look around for a little bit. If your tablet or mobile device has a large enough screen for you to work comfortably, you can create hubs using the desktop interface.