Didn't know where to put this -- My first fiction on HubPages

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    Everyday Miraclesposted 8 years ago

    I just published my first fiction on Hubpages. I didn't edit before I posted -- oops. I got excited.

    I am kind of following in G|M's footsteps since he had the courage to do it first (thanks!). Feedback is appreciated. There are some mistakes with the chapter that I need to fix up a bit I think, but I want to write and publish chapter 2 before I go back and look at what I need to adapt. I haven't written fiction in a while!

    ETA: goldentoad gets a mention here, too. If it wasn't for his wonderful writing I wouldn't have even considered writing fiction. GM gets credit for the courage to post it, gt the credit for my having wanted to write it in the first place!

    And oops, y'all might like a link!

    The Fugitive: Introduction

    Oh, and yes, I'm genuinely looking for feedback!