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  1. ShyeAnne profile image93
    ShyeAnneposted 21 months ago

    Hi there, I got a message from Hubpages saying that with a few tweaks, I could have this hub published on Exemplore.  Would you all please critique this hub for me and suggest edits and changes? Thanks so much. … d-Readings

    1. theraggededge profile image96
      theraggededgeposted 21 months agoin reply to this

      Shouts... I will... I will! Tarot is one of my favourite things in all the world.


      Get rid of that Ace of Wands sub-head and drop the image further down the page under your introduction. No need to title the images, especially if there is a caption underneath.

      Make sure your introduction is written to the title of the piece. There's no need for the history part unless you add it as a sidebar capsule. An intro should tell the reader what the article is about, why you wrote and why the reader should keep reading. It's your chance to grab those readers searching for information on the Motherpeace deck.

      I like your 'popular layout' image (has it got a name?), but is it possible to crop the large unused areas of the cloth, top and bottom? It would make the cards look closer.

      Check the text carefully - you mention the '11 card layout below', but the image is above.

      The title is based around the Motherpeace deck, so make sure you focus on that deck. Stay niche, don't go too general - there are many tarot websites out there all offering the same information.

      You have listed the spread positions at the bottom of the article but they should really be close to the image, otherwise readers have to scroll up and down the page... and they won't do that for long smile

      How about offering an interpretation after each card?... So  list the position, the card that is in that position in the image, then add your interpretation. Then you could add a conclusion or summary of the reading. You could also mention that these cards were drawn in response to a question (state the question). You have to make it as clear as possible for your readers.

      Good luck, hope you get this to Exemplore.

      1. ShyeAnne profile image93
        ShyeAnneposted 21 months agoin reply to this

        Hi raggededge, would you read my hub now that I have implemented your suggestions and critique it for me again.  I am going to submit it to Exemplore but I want to see if it passes muster with you first.  Thank you so much, in advance, for your time.

        1. theraggededge profile image96
          theraggededgeposted 21 months agoin reply to this

          That is soooo much better!

          I love that you included the 'tilt'. I haven't got this deck but I do read with Songs for the Journey Home, you reminded me to take note of the card's orientation.

          You've worked really hard and it shows.

          Small details I picked up:

          There's a tiny typo - comma placement in 'Light Hearted Insights'. Remove the the third instance of 'laid' in the same paragraph.

          Where you are referring to numbers under 10, use the full written form - Four Major Arcana cards, six feminine cards, the fourth card, etc. 10 and over can be written in their numeric form. Personally I always refer to the cards in full - Ten of Wands, Nine of Cups because I think it looks better.

          Make sure you are consistent. You say 11th position in one place and #7 position in another. Use the same format all the way through.

          "Below I have included a brief explanations of the cards and there significance as laid a little above on the right."

          Should be: "Below, I have included a brief explanations of the cards and their significance." Note 'their'. The last part isn't necessary.

          Leave it 24 hours, then read the hub all the way through out loud. You'll pick up things such as misplaced commas more easily - and there are some. You can read it over and over and miss things all the time, but reading out loud helps to pick them up. It works even better if you can print out the text beforehand. The radically different format jolts the brain or something smile

          Just to clean up any other grammatical errors, you could paste the text into Grammarly and/or Hemingway. They are free apps on the web.

          Once it's all cleaned up, polished and gleaming submit it to Exemplore.

          Good luck!

          1. ShyeAnne profile image93
            ShyeAnneposted 21 months agoin reply to this

            Thank you again raggededge, you are really helping me a lot with the edits.  It is amazing how many errors get past me.  I need to learn to slow down and polish before I hit publish.  This is a valuable lesson for me.

  2. ShyeAnne profile image93
    ShyeAnneposted 21 months ago

    Thank you very much for all of your suggestions.  I will implement them all. I appreciate you taking the time to read my hub and remark on it.


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