looking for some constructive criticism

  1. emi sue profile image76
    emi sueposted 10 months ago

    hey if you got some extra time and wouldn't mind to help me out by reading over one of my hubs and leaving me some good advice. either here or comment on the hub. I'll be sure to return the LOVE!

    Thank you in advance,

  2. WryLilt profile image91
    WryLiltposted 10 months ago

    I've found that the key to getting traffic online is having a good title in a high traffic, low competition niche.

    From looking at your titles, they're all in saturated or highly competitive niches. For instance making money online - there are literally thousands of articles online about this, many of them with up to 100 different ways to make money. Your hub is likely never going to see the light of day for any high traffic Google searches on that topic.

    Think about how you could make your content more niche. Instead of writing about birthday parties on a budget, maybe narrow it down to something like how to find the cheapest decorations. Then you could write other hubs on how to find the cheapest photography, the cheapest food etc and link them together.

    In the hubs themselves, I'm seeing a lot of random bold and underlined text, which is confusing. They should only be used for very important things, not to emphasise every single interesting word.

    There are white boxes in a lot of your hubs where content doesn't line up properly.

    I'd also suggest adding more text - generally hubs around 1,200 words are said to be the best in terms of length.

  3. Marisa Wright profile image98
    Marisa Wrightposted 10 months ago

    The bit about white space that WryLilt mentions - that's why I said, when you're editing a Hub, make sure you click on the Preview button and check how your Hub looks in both Mobile and Desktop mode.  Make sure you scroll down and check the whole Hub.  Then fix up white spaces, or capsules that appear out of order.

    Get used to the idea that you're not writing for other members of HubPages - we're a tiny community and most of us are here to write, not read or buy stuff.  You're writing for complete strangers who don't care about you.  They are searching on Google for information and they want answers.  If you write a chatty Hub that doesn't give much useful information, they won't appreciate your friendly words, they'll just curse and click back to find a more useful article.  Google will notice that and won't send people to your Hub next time.  So make sure that every Hub you write offers something worthwhile, something that people might be searching for.

    It looks like someone told you, at some point, to throw a bunch of keywords into your summary instead of writing a proper summary - you need to fix those because that's keyword stuffing and Google hates it.   Same with putting keywords in bold, don't do it.