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Where would you post this article?

  1. roman44hyde profile image90
    roman44hydeposted 7 months ago

    I have written an article about the 10 deadliest poisons, but can't seem to find a Hub Topic for it. Any suggestions?

    1. Annie Wright profile image83
      Annie Wrightposted 7 months agoin reply to this

      Education, health depending on what your topic centers on. I look forward to reading your topic when you get it posted.

  2. Luke Holm profile image96
    Luke Holmposted 7 months ago

    Education and Science → Chemistry → Solutions & Colloids?

  3. kanaujiamonu profile image47
    kanaujiamonuposted 7 months ago

    Interesting topic...............u can post ur article in ....
    Health-First Aid- First aid for poisoning
    Health-personal health info & self help- food poisoning and food quality
    either one which seems suitable

  4. Jason mackenzie profile image48
    Jason mackenzieposted 7 months ago

    Hi, how about personal health? Or may be medical conditions? Thanks, regards...