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Mainly my articles are of different kinds of animals. Some species of animals are on the endangered list. New species are also in articles. The animals are rare, unique, strange, and unusual that also has history and facts. An article about renting, and buying a home with a checklist of things before making a major decision. Trivia is also another article as is rare dogs, and rare cats worldwide animals. Can even find a simple recipe or information on the legends and history of werewolves. New articles added all the time.Studying Criminal Justice at AIU online with classes starting back at the end of July. Hobbies are reading, writing, fishing, boating, camping, and a few others. I mostly enjoy writing on a variety of different subjects. Been a member of care2 for a few years and have learned many interesting things. My little dog is a dog that I rescued from an abusive family, however now he is happy, and I use a picture that resembles him greatly for my profile. Before next Thanksgiving, I plan on publishing a Thanksgiving Cookbook that will include helpful hints, meal preparation tips, and many recipes made the best way homemade. I was taught to make meals homemade as my husband, mother taught me how to cook an prepare that way. The recipe book will be in their memory of his parents and my late husband.

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