Do check this article and help me to pass the QA?.

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    tom10loveposted 5 months ago

    Do post your valuable feedback for my hub

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    Blogging Mommaposted 5 months ago

    I would start out with using a spelling and grammar program. This one is free and works great .

    Also, your title could use some work. "Breakfast Tricks" is not a very enlightening title. I would use some serious keywords. For example - Healthy Breakfast Options , The Benefits of a Healthy Breakfast or Healthy Breakfast Options. Try and fit at least 2 power keywords into your topic.

    You also want to spend sometime proofreading - Examples:
    "Are you looking for a breakfast stuff to spice up your day?"
    -Are you looking for delicious breakfast options to spice up your day? -
    "It is well-known stuff which helps to prevent heart disease, diabetes, and cholesterol."
    -There are many well-known minerals that help to reduce health risks like heart disease, diabetes and high cholesterol. -

    I would also reduce the use of the word "stuff" and replace it with what you are actually talking about like vitamins, minerals, food and other direct wording.

    Lastly, I would add in more of your own words and what you think about each food choice you mention. A lot of the work seems like it was copy and pasted in very basic format. Try to spice it up with words like, delicious, nutritious, amazing and other words that are going to catch the readers attention.

    I really like the concept of your article but remember you always need to add a little something to keep the reader interested and coming back.

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      tom10loveposted 5 months agoin reply to this

      Thank u for your valuable comment. I will work on it and submit my article again.