A good easy cheap portable healthy breakfast on the road (while driving)

  1. mike102771 profile image82
    mike102771posted 11 months ago

    A good easy cheap portable healthy breakfast on the road (while driving)

    I work as a delivery driver for a small(ish) company here in Ohio. I get up around 4am so I can be at the warehouse by 5am. With all the lifting and running at the warehouse I don't like to eat breakfast before work so I eat on the road to my delivery route (about 25 min drive). I am looking for a healthier alternative to the pop-tart/fast food death trap. No or little in fat and sugar would be nice. Natural and as cheap as it can be. Something with 1000 ingredients or hard to find ingredients does not help. Thank you. I am not adverse to veggie or even vegan but I am not vegan.


  2. savvydating profile image94
    savvydatingposted 11 months ago

    A tall smoothie would be inexpensive and healthy. You can make your own by getting most of the ingredients ready the night before. I have not begun making my own because I go to Keva juice about twice a week. My favorite is the bananarama! Anyway, my point is that you can make whatever flavor of smoothie your heart desires. Nowadays, you can also purchase a tall container that will keep your liquids cold all day. Once you are ready for your smoothie, shake the container, stick a straw in it, and enjoy your healthy non-fat, delicious breakfast.

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    SouffleGirlposted 10 months ago

    I would second the smoothie. Best to make them yourself though or find some that don't have added sugar and chemicals in them. Throw in some chia seeds to keep you fuller.

    Fruit? Bananas and apples are easy and non messy.

    My MIL has a recipe for healthy breakfast bars. You could make up a batch ahead of time and grab them before you go out the door. I'm sure you could google some healthy breakfast bars.

    Hope these help!