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true dream explanation.

  1. Shushi Sheikh profile image60
    Shushi Sheikhposted 6 months ago

    Did you ever see any situation in your dreams that become reality afterwards ???? why we see future indicater dreams some time,when these dreams become reality,we just amazed that we have watched this scene before in our dreams.

  2. chemsluc profile image60
    chemslucposted 6 months ago

    once I saw that my friend who was in travel , was back before the scheduled time; and the day after, I saw that friend coming to visit me exactly in the same scene I had seen...
    premonition exists, but that needs some special affinities to appear...

  3. Endy Noble profile image60
    Endy Nobleposted 6 months ago

    I dream a lot.

    To say the least, some dreams are very practical.

    I have even had precription in a dream that helped me to get healed from a mysterous condition.

    But one needs to be careful with dreams and premonitions as they sometimes never come to pass in a noticeable way.

  4. Oztinato profile image72
    Oztinatoposted 6 months ago

    Certain rare dreams are prophetic. This breaks all of the so called laws of physics. Lincoln and Dickens both recorded prophetic dreams.
    Not all dreams are prophetic but fall into various categories such as memory or wish fulfillment or inspiration etc etc