Please someone proof read and point out any spelling/grammar issues

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  1. k@ri profile image88
    k@riposted 2 years ago

    Would someone mind reading through my article.  I need a second set of eyes to look for any spelling or grammar issues I may have missed.  Thank you in advance.  smile … hes-a-Lady

  2. pen promulgates profile image55
    pen promulgatesposted 2 years ago

    Honestly, your article is excellent.
    It's an enjoyable read.
    As you asked for any grammatical error, I could find one.
    In the dress code point, it should be she understands. You wrote she understand.

    You can put a comma after this line 'if that special someone exhibits these behaviors,'
    The article is so lovely that it's OK even if you don't correct that too smile

    Good luck.

    1. k@ri profile image88
      k@riposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you so much, Imran, for looking this over.  I really appreciate it!  I will make those corrections.  This is to be submitted to a specialty site so I wanted every thing just right.  Thank you also for the compliment on the article!

  3. MizBejabbers profile image89
    MizBejabbersposted 2 years ago

    Kari, I think that you are a good writer. You have it down very well, but all good writers, with a little polish, can be writers par excellence.  Please know that this is constructive criticism with best intentions. Here's a little spit shine for you with the reasons behind it. (Wish I could get someone to do this for me because it is very difficult to see one's own mistakes.)

    Very first sentence. "Ladies and gentlemen" should be encased in quotes because you are hailing them.

    2nd paragraph sentence reads [defines the word lady] again, quotation marks around "lady" as a defined term, but do not place them around the lady in the 3rd sentence because it is not a defined term here.

    3rd paragraph, again quotation marks around "lady" as a defined term.

    No. 6 Good listener. Comma after "lady" following "While speaking with a lady,"

    No 7. Respect. While it is becoming more and more acceptable to use the plural as gender neutral, the agency I worked for would not allow us to do that. We used "he or she" or "him or her" rather than "their," depending on the usage.

    No. 9, Honor. The sentence "She wears her honor as if it was a gown to wrap herself in." should read "She wears her honor as if it WERE a gown to wrap herself in." When stating a condition contrary to fact the plural verb is always used.
    No. 12  a compound verb (predicate) is split with a comma. "They know that there is good in everyone, and know how to look for it." is not a compound sentence. Delete the comma after "everyone". It would actually read better to say "They know [that there is good in everyone and how to look for it]." The bracketed phrase is an adverb clause (dependent) following the verb "know" and two "knows" are not necessary. In the next sentence following that one, place a comma after "dress."
    13. Kindness. "Kindness and benevolence are a lady in a nutshell." Try to always write active sentences whenever possible. I recommend "In a nutshell, a lady is the personification of kindness and benevolence."
    14. Generosity. This sentence, in my opinion would be better if made compound: "She will take the blame, but SHE always shares the credit."
    15. Ethical. In the first sentence "their life" should be "their lives" plural. Second sentence: "each of our actions impact" should be "each ... impacts".
    16. Vocabulary. The sentence would be correct with a comma if it had a conjunction, but I think the point would have been better made by using a more sophisticated "you are not a sh##; you are a malignant narcissist." Or something similar.
    19. Secrets. In the second sentence, I think that the word "private" should have quotation marks around it because you are using it as a defined term here.

    I hopes these hints help your already enjoyable article.
    Miz. B.

    1. k@ri profile image88
      k@riposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Miz. B., Thank you so much for your recommendations.  They certainly make sense to me.  Funny, I went back and forth on whether I should put quotes around "Ladies and Gentlemen"  and some of the others.  I am sad because I already submitted the article for consideration, but I will definitely keep these recommendations and fix it if it comes back.

      1. MizBejabbers profile image89
        MizBejabbersposted 2 years agoin reply to this

        Good luck, Kari. I am a retired editor, so I couldn't resist jumping in to help. Like I say, you are a good writer, so feel free to edit mine, too, because we are blind to our subtle errors.

        1. k@ri profile image88
          k@riposted 2 years agoin reply to this

          Thank you, MizBejabbers!  I may like to use your editor's eye again.  I have no one here at home that feel as if they could catch grammar issues, lol.

          1. k@ri profile image88
            k@riposted 2 years agoin reply to this

            MizBejabbers, Do you think I should go back and edit?  It was accepted to paired life as it is.

            1. MizBejabbers profile image89
              MizBejabbersposted 2 years agoin reply to this

              Kari, in my 33 years experience as an editor, I've observed that only an experienced grammarian, like a teacher or editor, will notice any errors. Everyone else is oblivious. LOL If it's already been accepted, I would let it go as is. Thanks for askin'.

              1. k@ri profile image88
                k@riposted 2 years agoin reply to this

                Thanks smile

  4. Rochelle Frank profile image93
    Rochelle Frankposted 2 years ago

    I read it, and thought it was well done, but did not go through with an editor's eye.
    I think I would have put "Ladies and Gentlemen" in quotes, since you are referencing a phrase that is  often spoken... but I'm not absolutely sure there is a grammatical rule regarding this.

  5. pen promulgates profile image55
    pen promulgatesposted 2 years ago

    Hey k@ri, I see your article is on pairedlife. It's simply amazing.
    The article is quite striking, it didn't need much alteration. He he!

    1. k@ri profile image88
      k@riposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you so much Imran!  And thanks for your help also!  smile


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