Subject matter that can cost a client, by lack of Author!

  1. mandybeau profile image53
    mandybeauposted 8 years ago

    I write for a couple of Companies, realising that all my stuff has to be grammatically correct, as  is er not very often, the case on HubPages.  The Subject matter I write about is Interior and Landscape Design, I hold quals in these fields, as so
    am comfortable writing about them. Yesterday I was asked to write about a Subject, by one of the Companies, which I had very little knowledge of. (albeit I was aware of its' existence)
    My Client told me he would give me the Basics and I would then pad it out, in my Style. The fee was over the top, but I have turned it down, for the sheer fact, that I felt I was heading into unchartered  waters and that, my Clients advertisers may suffer.
    Or that my writing, if in any way incorrect, may mean people would shy away from the product.
    Obviously, I could have undertaken the work, been paid, and realise that no one could do much about any long term ramifications.
    Was I right???????