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Hubs on Profile Page In The Spotlight

  1. Jean Bakula profile image93
    Jean Bakulaposted 2 weeks ago

    Is something wrong with that feature or did I accidentally turn off something? I have 6 hubs In The Spotlight and it hasn't moved for days. No matter what time of day or night I look at it, it's stuck on the first one of the hubs. Thank you.

    1. Christy Kirwan profile image
      Christy Kirwanposted 2 weeks agoin reply to this

      I just checked out your profile and it's cycling through the articles normally on my end. Are you still having this issue? If so, what browser are you using?

      1. Jean Bakula profile image93
        Jean Bakulaposted 2 weeks agoin reply to this

        Hi Christy,
        Thanks for checking. I have Google Chrome. Actually our whole block is having problems with our WI FI and our lines are all being fixed this week. This is affecting even my ability to get online, it's spotty. At least I know it's working on other sides. smile.

  2. paradigmsearch profile image87
    paradigmsearchposted 2 weeks ago

    Me? I always use just one. Besides, I'm reasonably certain our profile pages are probably the most seldom visited pages on the site.