Seahorse keeping revisited article

  1. Kelly Delavergne profile image70
    Kelly Delavergneposted 3 weeks ago

    I’m new to hubpages. Is the format of my article too difficult to follow?

  2. Marisa Wright profile image99
    Marisa Wrightposted 3 weeks ago

    Hi and welcome.   These topical forums are for discussing the subject in general, not for getting help with your Hubs.  Your question would be better in the HubPages Tutorial and Community section and I've submitted a request to get it moved. 

    However, to answer your question, I think the article is great, but it could be better, so I'm going to be picky! 

    1.  Never use a heading on your first text capsule.  You've already got a heading on the Hub, you don't need a second heading straight after it, it just delays the reader getting to the answer they want.

    2. Your introduction is far too long.  Tell your readers about your experience in your bio, not in the Hub. If you want to give credit to your mentors, do it at the end of your Hub, not at the beginning.  Remember, your reader will arrive at your Hub looking for an answer to their question or solution to their problem with seahorses.  Don't keep them waiting, or they'll click back to Google and look for a better answer.  Right now, you sound like you feel you've got to justify yourself, which indicates you're doubtful of your own abilities - that's not the way to get your reader to trust you.

    3.  You've got a strange, mini-sized image of a video just above the actual video - what are you trying to achieve with that?  IMO it looks weird.

    4.  Move the poll down to the bottom of the page, or get rid of it.  Again, you don't want to frustrate your reader by delaying access to the  knowledge they're seeking.

    5.  You make a meal of telling people they can watch the video instead.  Why do you need a large heading, several lines of text and then another heading, when all you need to say is, "If you'd prefer to watch a video, you'll find most of the information in this clip"?

    6.  Don't put headings on photo capsules, video capsules or Amazon capsules. The heading line is coded as H2, which means Google sees it as a main section heading.  If you use it as a minor heading for a photo or video, it just confuses things (yes, I know, you're wondering why the space is provided - but the thing is, you might want to start a new main section with a video or photo, so that's why).

    7.  Delete all the photos of you, standing talking.  They're not adding any value to the Hub.  The Hub needs some pictures of actual seahorses - either your own, or get some from Pixabay (you can use them legally without any attribution).

    8. You have links to "see more articles" but some are videos, and the last one is an inactive blog.  If you want to include links like that, then call it something like "Useful Links" and say why you're recommending each one.

    9.  HubPages' rules state your Amazon products must be relevant to the specific subject of the Hub.  Your Hub is about the care of seahorses.  You don't need wine glasses to care for seahorses, so those glasses would count as "not sufficiently related" and will result in the Hub being unpublished if a moderator notices them.  I suspect you've been lucky because the moderator didn't bother reading all the way to the end of the Hub.

    And finally, to answer your original question - yes, the Hub is difficult to follow, but that's because it's too long.  Far, far too long. 

    The ideal length for a Hub is between 1,500 and 3,000 words long. So this Hub needs to be split into two articles at least.  I would recommend three.  However, never split a Hub in the middle and call it "Part I", "Part 2" etc.  Google doesn't like articles with identical names, even with part numbers tacked on.  Take a look at the Hub - perhaps you could have one Hub on The Seahorse Tank, one Hub on Care and Feeding, etc.  Give each Hub a title which clearly states what the article is about.