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Change "Capsule Subtitle" to "H2 Heading" or "Section Heading" (or...)

  1. Marisa Wright profile image98
    Marisa Wrightposted 2 weeks ago

    In helping newbie members, I notice a lot of them using headings inappropriately.  Instead of using the available hierarchy of heading formats, they tend to use the capsule heading for everything - photos, Amazon capsules, videos, paragraphs.  When I suggest they need to use SUB headings, they get a bit confused, and I'm wondering if the use of the word "subtitle" is contributing to that.

    As I understand it, the title on a capsule is an H2 heading.  You may have used the word "subtitle" to distinguish it from the title of the article, but within the body of the article, those capsule headings should be used only for main headings. People are using them for sub-headings because of that word "sub" in the name, and then there's no way to distinguish main headings. 

    This is an example of jargon that makes sense to the team but not to newbie writers. If it's a simple tweak to change the wording, I think it would save the editors some work.

  2. Jeremy Gill profile image96
    Jeremy Gillposted 7 days ago

    This is definitely a tricky area, and yours is a good idea. Showing newcomers an example of captions and bolded subtitles or such might also help. When I need something taught to me, I definitely prefer to be shown it first, as purely-verbal (or written) instructions can be processed in different ways.

  3. DrMark1961 profile image100
    DrMark1961posted 7 days ago

    I am not even sure the editors know this. I just looked at an article of mine about family guard dogs, and the editor deleted the H2 heading from the capsule and put it on top of the photo. If I am correct (and there is a lot I do not know about SEO) that title should be on the capsule--the photo does not even need a title.
    As it stands the capsules do not have any titles. Will this not affect the search engine rating?

    1. Marisa Wright profile image98
      Marisa Wrightposted 6 days agoin reply to this

      I don't think it's a problem if text capsules don't have headings.

      For SEO, the important thing is that H2 headings are used for the right purpose - to designate the beginning of a new section.   Whether the new section starts with a photo or a video or a paragraph doesn't matter.

      The problem arises when people put a H2 heading on the photo AND on the paragraph following AND on the video AND....too many H2 headings can be interpreted by Google as spammy.

      1. DrMark1961 profile image100
        DrMark1961posted 6 days agoin reply to this

        Okay, that makes sense. Thank you.

        1. Solaras profile image99
          Solarasposted 6 days agoin reply to this

          Nice to see you Doc!  How are the primates doing on your cocoa plantation?

          1. DrMark1961 profile image100
            DrMark1961posted 6 days agoin reply to this

            Great! I saw a family or marmosets behind my house this morning and set up a feeding area for them. The prices of bananas are high and people have been scouring the jungle for things to sell so there is not a lot of monkey food out there.
            I was glad to read your comments on the Maven. It seems like you are keeping a cool wait-and-see attitude when so many are getting worked up about what, hopefully, will be nothing.
            I hope all of your BCs are doing well.

            1. Solaras profile image99
              Solarasposted 6 days agoin reply to this

              What a little darling!! Thank you for giving them refuge!!  I hope things go well; HP has become an important piece in my Giganomics. I don't think the Pauls would do us wrong.  We do need to see what the deal will be.  I know from experience that a letter of intent can be no more than a poot in the wind.  Paul E is excited, so that encourages me; I think he must have seen offers before.