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I have an interesting chat with another hubber in the comment section

  1. Mamerto profile image94
    Mamertoposted 2 weeks ago

    The year started with an amusing find in my comment section.

    I wrote a hub about Saints lately after the reading the story of a dual wielding Saint. I mean he is a stuff of epic movies! This inspired me to compile a list of warrior Saints. Then one day a comment popped out. He is a hubber but I won't name him as a form of respect. He seems to be concerned on how I portrayed a beatified samurai s a violent Saint. At least that's how I understood it. I then thanked him and tried checking the hub for inconsistencies. Then he reappeared with another comment saying that some saints here should not allowed themselves to be martyred as it is violence in itself. Then I calmly explained to him that these Saints have no choice as they are facing death over betrayal.

    And he reappeared once more with another comment that they have a choice and should not be martyred. They should be more alert to evade capture. Again I explained to him that they are in the age of persecution so they have no choice.

    And he answered a day later, saying that martyrs are failures for they have no respect for their own lives. I answered by saying that martyrdom is crucial for the survival of Christianity, then he compared their martyrdom to the muslim martyr.

    I think I'm being roasted in my own hub.

    But then I kept feeding him for it benefits the traffic. I'm not sure if it's the right thing to post the link here. Just comment if you want to see it,

    But that's not the end of the story.

    I saw a great hub about Joan of Arc. I made a comment on how I love the Saint, but he suddenly appeared and said that she must be deluded for she hears voices. Now it is one thing to flood my hub, but it is another to insult the Saint I respected.

    What do you think guys?

  2. Mamerto profile image94
    Mamertoposted 2 weeks ago

    Apart from what he said about St Joan, I'm not really upset on his comments in my hub. Again it benefits the traffic and made my hub more visible.

    1. Jean Harris profile image84
      Jean Harrisposted 4 days agoin reply to this

      Warrior Saints borders on religion to some since these are specific to certain religions, classes etc. ie: Knights Templar and such.

      When you touch on religion you will always have a split reaction, it's unavoidable in my opinion.

      1. Mamerto profile image94
        Mamertoposted 4 days agoin reply to this

        I agree on that. Religion could be an interesting subject that could attract interesting readers smile