Submit to Google 2.0 - Tips and Tricks

  1. Jean Harris profile image87
    Jean Harrisposted 2 months ago

    In 2018 I don't think it's neccessary to submit articles to Google anymore, they are sure to find your stuff through a sitemap or from a link on another page, eventually. That being said you've just minted a fresh new article and you're excited, you want to get the ball rolling NOW, and there really isn't any harm in manually submitting that article.

    This is just a tip on how to do that "better".

    Tip #1: Don't use the generic "submit to google" page google offers to submit the exact article URL. Instead wait for your hub to be published, find the article listed in a Hubpages category page and submit that category page instead.

    Why? Because as I said above, Google finds new pages by visiting other pages or sitemaps. When you send Google directly to your article you give it no information about backlinks to that article. If, instead you send it to a page that links to your new article it will find it there AND have at least one immediate backlink to associate with it. It's one of those probably doesn't help too much but definitely does not hurt tips.

    Tip #2: If the new article is on a website you own then go to your Google dashboard and load a page that links to your new article via the "fetch as googlebot" section. After it fetches that other page click "crawl this page AND all pages linked from it" and use that "submit to Google" button. Again you will not only provide the new URL info but you will tell Google it's got a link and is not an island.

    Why these seem to help a little: Google doesn't tend to rank pages well if they have no backlinks at all, even internal ones, so even though you are submitting a new URL the normal way you aren't telling it about backlinks so will have to wait until it finds those too. This way you are basically eliminating that wait a little and it's perfectly OK to do.

    In the long run this changes very little, a page needs useful content to thrive and not too much else matters, but in the short term you get the ball rolling NOW... and that feels good!

    1. Jean Harris profile image87
      Jean Harrisposted 2 months agoin reply to this

      Tip #3 - If someone else links to your page you can submit their page too to tell Google about another backlink immediately. More instant love! Submit to Google isn't just about telling Google of your articles, it can be used to tell Google about links to your articles! Just don't expect rockstar results, this is to speed things up just a little... .and it's oddly rewarding.

  2. EricDockett profile image97
    EricDockettposted 2 months ago

    Not sure if this is meant as advice for HubPages or just in general, but newly published pages here have a NOINDEX tag until they pass QAP.  So, no point in submitting anything anywhere until then.

    Good advice, though. But as you said articles here get crawled pretty fast anyway.