Adsense account disabled and appeal denied. What do I do now? There are still ad

  1. Barb on the Go profile image56
    Barb on the Goposted 8 years ago

    Adsense account disabled and appeal denied. What do I do now? There are still adds on my hub. Help

    If the ads that are on my Hub page are active, who provides them? If they are active, how do I get paid for them without an Adsense account? Do I need togo in and reset my account. I'm really confused.

  2. aj's profile image77
    aj'sposted 8 years ago

    Good, reasonable question you've got here. Let me try to help you.

    First of all, Google adsense does not give approval that easily now a days. So, pls don't panic. Its completely normal. I had a bunch of people who had this problem inside and outside hubpages(But what i don't understand is, in your question, u mentioned "account disabled", so you already had an adsense account?).

    I've checked your hub "From home to public school" and as far as i can see, you have put in enough content with proportionate arrangements and pics.
    So, possible reasons are,
             1. You did not or misspelled your hub URL.
             2.  Google did not find any relevant content (But i don't think thats applicable here though)

    So, Pls check exactly what the error message from google was.

    And about the ads already showing. The ads which show up currently on your hub is not yours. Unless or until u provide your adsense id to hubpages, they will run their own ads( they don't have other options, right?). So, u don't have to worry about that either, for the time being. Once you provide your adsense id, it will all become yours automatically and u can start earning.

    What i suggest is, check the mail you got from adsense and go through what exactly the reason they say for the disapproval(in most cases, they tend to pin point the reason).
    Also, login to your adsense id to see if its active, or you may have to apply for an all new one.

    Wooo, i know this went a bit long... But hope it helps...