Please add a "Speech Disorders" sub-category in the Health Category

  1. John Richards profile image54
    John Richardsposted 8 years ago

    Hello Maddie
    I recently joined and published 2 hubs on the subject of stuttering. When time came to choosing their residence I could only choose Health as no sub-categories applied. Consequently I have no idea where my hubs are listed in the category. I just realized, maybe they are under "Oral care"?
    You have subs for numerous disorders including Ear & Hearing issues. Surely Speech/Speaking/Language Disorders should take equal importance? After all some 82 million sites can be Googled under Language Disorders, indicating some interest scope, versus a mere 17 million under Hearing Disorders.
    In the meantime could you put up a signpost to direct me and any other interested Hubbers to read the library of hubs on the disorder of stuttering/stammering and other speech defects? But please ensure that sign post does not point to sites discussing stuttering DVD's, stuttering engines, stuttering sports teams and other stuttering th,th,th,th, things that journo's enlighten us with etcetera, or even, I notice, a site suggesting how one may lose 165 calories by stuttering...during sex.
    Umm, on the other hand, as I could do with a little weight reduction...
    Many thanks.